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Full Circle Weekly News #172


You're listening to full circle. Weekly News News articles are compiled by Eric the unready and meet your host Leo Chavez. This episode covers the ninth to the fifteenth of March Twenty Twenty. Debbie leader says one year. We'll do Sam Hartman has decided after one year of being Debbie Project Lead to call it quits at least for a while Hartman. Didn't rule out another run for the position but said about the problem of decision making he set out to tackle. I think we've made good progress figuring out how to make decisions. Debbie eight ADS LONGER SUPPORT. While w nate will live on after. It's typical. Five Year support cycle through the Friesians extended. Lts Service Naro packages are going to be maintained. The extend lts packages that will be maintained or chosen by the paying sponsors. A few other perks include direct contact with the staff a private mailing list. And of course a thank you does all means that most users will want to move to be a nine or later. Debbie and eleven package freeze scheduled. Here are the dates. The transition freeze will happen on the twelfth of January. Twenty twenty one the soft freeze on the twelfth of February the newly added hard freeze on the twelfth of March but the last full freeze has not been decided just yet genome three dot. Thirty six GRASIC has finally been released. Lots of new improvements came out of the six months of work. Put into this release. Some of the highlights are a new extensions APP to manage extensions a do not disturb toggle and notifications a revamped lock screen better suspend accessibility rearranged options in the settings application easier parental controls and much much more the Lennox Foundation open sources project owl a project that creates mesh networks via Wi fi on IOT devices has been open sourced by the Lennox Foundation. The main benefit here will be in disaster struck areas where duck links the IOT devices will be deployed to help facilitate communication between first responders and those in need edging in on the Ham Radio. The aim is to assist in quickly. Formulating ACTION PLANS FREE. Nasr and true as are merging. These two products were developed separately since their inception merging. The two projects has been something I existence has been meaning to do for a very long time but the amount of work proved too much to tackle until now with the release of eleven dot three True Nasr gained parody with freeness and with the release of twelve DOT O. Will share ninety five percent of the code moving forward free as becomes true NASCAR and True Nasr becomes true. Nasr Enterprise there's a vulnerability in time shift vulnerability and time shift could allow an unprecedented user to gain code execution privileges by creating siblings or by pre creating the temp time shift directory as time shift itself does not check ownership.

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