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On the hunch north bound with


That's got at least one lane now very heavy delays are back to weaver street exit twenty one and now the forecast from the WCBS weather center this afternoon into this evening we're going to remain cool damp and dreary with interbedded rain and the potential for debated thunderstorms in the downpour could lead to some minor street a poor drainage flooding to keep that in mind if you're driving I will just be sixty seven this afternoon late tonight will have lingering clouds and it'll be breezy and cool little B. fifty two we stay cool tomorrow despite clouds breaking for some sunshine I'll be sixty five even just fifties close to the coast at the Morial day will be a little bit warmer but still cool for may we'll see areas of clouds to start then sunshine either seventy could get the water overcast skies right now sixty seven degrees W. CBS news time for thirty more than just the headlines this is

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On the hunch north bound with

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Of ninety sixth street in Manhattan

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Later tomorrow night partly cloudy

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Bob's forecast calls for some of the scattered showers this afternoon

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A New Jersey one point five two twenty three on Tuesday

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Quite warm but not issue but high eighty five very warm and more humid Friday partly sunny

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Some sixty four in Fishkill and seventy three degrees in port Washington it's seventy beds down headed to a high

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At telegraph road up towards

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We toward the coast will to consider the water mostly sunny

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