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Apple Buys the Rights to Tom Hanks Movie 'Greyhound'


Just spent seventy million dollars to get the new. Tom Hanks movie which was supposed to appear in theaters about and Can't obviously normally what the what producers have been doing is putting them on for. Twenty Dollar Reynolds. I watched a number of movies that were supposed to come out. We just watched Emma The Hunt that was wild paid twenty dollar rental but that we would have paid that much to go. See it in the theater so that was okay. This is interesting this movie Greyhound. Which is all done will premiere on exclusively an apple. Tv Plus and the bidding war for the Sony pictures movie which was supposed to come out father's Day. Really heated up apple ended up paying according to deadline seventy million dollars for this movie which was written and produced by Tom. Hanks well I think it's a it's a prestige play as much as a they're not gonNA make the money back with subscriptions.

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