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Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute to Fred Willard


And we did talk yesterday about the passing of comedian comic actor Fred Willard and some thoughts last night on Jimmy Kimmel live on A. B. C. Fred Willard made a lot of appearances on Kimmel and he they kind of they kind of were buddies so the bottom Jimmy Kimmel last night on Fred Willard Fred that left this earth on Friday night at age eighty six when I was a kid I spent a lot of time sitting in front of TV I had on my desk in my room and one of the shows that I would watch religiously on channel five in Las Vegas was Fernwood tonight this is a parody of a talk show starring Martin mall as part Kimball and Fred Willard as his sidekick and announcer Jerry Hubbard I love this show is one of those shows are probably eighty percent of the people watching it didn't get maybe ninety percent of it is definitely my kind of show and Fred was so great on it he was the oblivious second banana he try men and say dumb things in a very earnest and Jeannie away hand mark mall were great together they wanna make a fake documentary called the history of white people in America then I enjoyed the were a married couple on Roseanne and then of course Fred was discovered by a new generation of fans thanks to the great Christopher guest movies like waiting for government and best in show and present anchorman pretty good body work you bet you left us a lot of funny things to remember and Fred

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