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David, Dickie And Charlamagne discussed on Drew Garabo Live


That other than Charlamagne the god Charlemagne the god is is there's no other way to say this he's very tough on white people yeah yeah if you did watch the show David you need a reference point because you don't know the guy by name per se he's the guy who who is giving little Dickie a hard time in the final scene of the final episode which was based on a very real interview where Charlemagne the god came at Lil Dicky very hard then and he is notorious for you know going hard and white rappers for be in awe culture vultures which I can understand I mean if you have seen white dudes make millions off an art form that the originators of words not wealthy at all I can understand having the perspective that their culture vultures but another way to look at it is B. C. boys Eminem to a lesser degree kid rock brought rap music to white America and got them interested in black rappers as well so I have a perspective you've got a perspective none of a right not of a wrong they're just our perspectives all of that said Joe Biden zoomed it up with Charla main Val god and it was a bit testy from the beginning Sharla main was not they didn't get sass and dot and Joe Biden definitely let me know that he knows that charlemaine it's had some not so nice things to say about him and it wasn't punchy but I would say that potentially get a little chippy is that accurate so then as he's wrapping up the the the zoom call by saying that they have the whole clip where he talks about his wife's got to use this yet and all that because by then his wife share the same basement studio and she's got to get on there and he's got to get off which that's a cockamamie excuse if you ask me and here's what unfolded that's really our time I apologize you can't do that the black media you got the white media block maybe because my wife has to go on at six o'clock okay oh oh oh I'm in trouble listen you gotta come see it when you come to New York V. P. Biden well it's a long way until November we got more questions they got more classified telling if you have a problem figuring out what you're for mayor trump and you ain't black I don't I'm gonna do is drop it has to do with the fact I want something for my community we don't get to me Charlemagne the god doesn't listen to his guests responses like he I don't think he even heard that I don't think he got that he either didn't hear him right or he's a **** because knowing him in the way that he comes to people that was not the deserve it response for what he had actually just said it his response wasn't it didn't feel directly in response to what Biden had said because I would expect him to go harder yeah I'm not gonna sink you say he should have jumped his you know what but he could have easily jumped his you know what when Biden if Biden said that to us I think I would probably call him out on that maybe he was almost in disbelief for thirty minutes heard him cook I don't think you listen I think of Kanye west thanks Sir this right Joe Biden to me nine times out of ten I don't understand what he's trying to say anyways yeah this one you really understand what he was trying to say which is if you vote for the other guy then you ain't black yeah it it I mean in the world where so much of the stance against Donald Trump is that he is racist to think that you can sit there in that moment and tell a black man what makes them black or not based on who they are but voting for pick whether you pick this old white man or meet another old white man that's how you determine how black you are that to me if someone's gonna sweep me something right now so I'm prepared for it out of his mouth feels worse than than almost anything I've heard Donald say he's defended people who have done bad things are refused to denounce people but as far as straight up racist crap coming out of someone's mouth that was more blatant than a lot of things that I that I hear from Donald Trump it doesn't get much more blatantly racist then old white dudes telling black people what makes them black right what can we agree that like that you don't get to do that what I think it's just if it we do live in a world where I think that that is a given I mean that whether it's believed by get people on the left or from Joe Biden's party that the black vote is our vote you know like if you're if you're gonna be a good if you're gonna be a good voter good black person you gotta vote for a liberal and I mean that mentality should be more offensive then then it anything I've heard Donald Trump say because there's a there's a control aspect there right thank you you don't you're not who you think you are if you don't vote exactly and when that comes to race I don't think as an old white dude you get a pass to say that but I'd love to hear an argument to the contrary if you're okay with what he said seven two seven five seven nine one oh two five and eight hundred seven seven one one two five I genuinely would love to hear from you if you say no problem I know he's trying to say there is trying to say that Donald Trump does have a great record of protecting black people so he just said you're not black well in you know when it comes to Donald trump's stuff I I always the people that are offended by him I try to never even have those conversations because honestly at the end of the day I don't feel like I have a voice to say what anybody based on the race is offended by like it like that is not for me as a white due to say you shouldn't be offended by that if in your heart you think something's racist then it's racist right can I can give my observation so I don't I don't want to be something where you're wrong if you're not offended by that right because to me that's just as bad as as him saying you should be voting for me or you're not black that's exactly it that's a really valid point I just noticed that with so many different things because we are in a society where I feel like people are sensitive about the majority of what really anything and so sometimes I feel like people get offended by things that they're not even supposed to be offended by so is it offensive I think yes but if somebody's not outraged by what he says that's art that's their perspective that they can have yeah you know what if if if that large the black community is not offended by this then who the hell are we as a bunch of snow flake white people to be offended by it for them it's just that from my experience in my perspective and you can feel free to disagree with me all day long and again you're not wrong from my perspective we don't get as white people to tell you what makes you black thank you you're not black if you don't like rap music you're not black if you don't like this type of food or that type of activity or whatever I I don't think we get to do that but if you're not offended by what Joe Biden said then maybe maybe old white dudes do I don't know well it ends so much of the message from you know Joe Biden's himself and people who opposed Donald Trump is Donald trump's a racist and if you support him you're a racist too so if you're going to dabble in that world and that's going to be that the hill that you die on you better make damn sure that you don't put a blade mass racist out there to say dumb stuff like this I mean it's one thing after another with him you can look at his record the guy is not you know this this fighter that everybody wants to make him out to be he's making bad choices say dumb things about race forever funny you should say that because here is Joe Biden saying that poor kids are just as bright as well as white kids at an event for Asian and Hispanic voters you're poor you cannot do it four kids are just as bright in justice tells white kids wealthy collectors who in their right mind claps who starts applauding when he says that I would think it's maybe somebody within his his campaign hope not grasping what he had just said and trying to rake rally above yeah this notion somehow if you're poor you cannot do it four kids you're just as bright and justice tells white kids wealthy.

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