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Tomorrow partly cloudy warm and humid


Walworth Kenosha Racine and Jefferson counties until eight PM tonight tonight we're going to see some scattered storms before two AM and some patchy fog as well a little of fifty eight degrees tomorrow partly cloudy warm and humid we're gonna see some eighty degree temperatures for the next couple of days we will have a chance for them to understand tomorrow night and into Monday for Memorial Day so memorial day's gonna partly cloudy mostly human and some scattered thunder showers a high of eighty three Tuesday's high of eighty four mostly cloudy some more showers in the area and Wednesday is going to be partly cloudy some afternoon thunder showers and a high of eighty degrees I'm Kevin wells newsradio WTMJ and I'm Scott wars and we come back why in the world does it take as long as it does to create them come up with a vaccine we've

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Tomorrow partly cloudy warm and humid

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Three ninety five southwest freeway between the third street tunnel a main Avenue the sign

WTOP 24 Hour News 10 min ago

Hi could be near eighty eight in the city right now

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 1 hr ago

It is going to be clouding up tomorrow we'll even see clouds and a shower to tomorrow night

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Next update at less than ten

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North of the G. W. B. that

Michael Wallace and Steve Scott 3 hrs ago

The fifteen northbound slow

KNX Midday News with Brian Ping 3 hrs ago

Makes it one getting down over

WBZ Midday News 4 hrs ago

Could see a couple of showers out there looking at the radar and a

WBZ Midday News 4 hrs ago

In the downtown area netrin

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder 5 hrs ago

Everybody now pushed on to

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