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Fifty two degrees in Boston


Just fast forwarding right into summer spring said I'm done with you guys we did hit eighty two degrees the warmest temperature we've seen in twenty twenty fact the warmest temperatures since October seventh the full accu weather forecast coming up shortly right after traffic on the threes and it's the unofficial start to the summer season though of course the spring and the summer ahead of are vastly different this year but social distancing guidelines in the ongoing pandemic aren't enough to keep a lot of people from the peaches WBZ-TV's to Shawnee what lower port seven or wants to keep everyone safe he's basically asking everyone as you start to head out to the beaches with the warm weather here he wants you to remember if you're not feeling well to stay home and remember to practice social distancing but as people packed beaches along the coast and Gloucester revere and situate social distancing was not on everyone's minds

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Fifty two degrees in Boston

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