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How to Send Seinfeld Emails


Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about how to send Seinfeld emails but first and foremost Neil. What does that even mean? What are Seinfeld emails so Seinfeld? Emails are series of emails. And I could be getting this wrong. We call him soap opera emails. Oh they're different they're different. Yeah Gopher then you said okay. I'll go with signed for us and then we'll talk about so proper as well. The soap opera sequence so seinfeld emails. I've actually never seen it episode. Seinfield have you kneel seen him almost all of them. And what did they talk about during Seinfeld Bullshit? Yeah exactly the talking about nothing Seinfeld. Emails is a bunch of nothing right. It could be one email. It could be a series of emails. But here's an example. I remember a couple years ago. I had this hiring course which we still have on how to hire players and I was sitting on American Airlines flight. By the way I do not like American Airlines like this. Why Delta Guy so I wrote this entire message like this is why. Like there's customer support issues with this airline Blah Blah Blah. And at the very unlike by you book a call with us right so the whole idea. Is You write the story? You get people locked in and you kind of relate to whatever your offer is and then. You're able to write seinfeld emails every single day because every day. There's something going on and you can just talk about something that's on your mind or you can just talk about nothing and then at the very end is tied in with whatever your offer is this came from that which his name. Bingo email players Ben. Subtle definitely recommend reading bend. Settle stuff really good stuff on on email copy. That's what a seinfeld email is. And you decide. It's your discretion if you want to send it. The frequency is daily. A weekly whatever. It is exactly I could tell you. Whenever I've said Seinfeld. Emails leave actually converted pretty. Well see I don't send them and I don't like sending them because if I'm GONNA end up sending emails the more emails he ended up sending you're GonNa get more unsubscribe and you're GONNA get less people opening up your emails over time. It's just natural and when that happens you're deliverability goes down unless you scrub your list. And you know Ryan Deiss always me years ago that you can just had a ps at the email and try to get some extra session and all. That's true but I like doing is having a story narrative related to either education and then in the education at sells or just selling straight that way. I'm not drowning people's inbox. Then when I'm sending email I'm during the most amount of revenue from the email. I know that's simple in cliche but it works like I got thirty. Plus percent open rates on my email and my click rates in many cases can be upwards of six seven percent. Most cases are actually like four or five percent for quick. Yeah and just to be clear I think you definitely don't want to spam your audience. I think Ben Subtle sends every day. You typically don't want US send everyday. I mean probably like a week. Maybe that's probably how Neil Nairobi. You email out like two or three times a week that I averaged around three a week. Yeah you don't WanNa hit him too hard neal's point right and I mean we talked about in the past about making sure you scrub your list. Cumulus quality high and everything the hygiene. But I mean this is how you do seinfeld emails. I think you can even add in the soap opera sequence here if you want yes. Soap opera sequence is just imagine a soap opera. You're taking through people ups and downs and emotional rollercoaster and they're really engaged with your show and thus people keep watching one episode to another so when you're writing emails. I like taking people through emotional roller coasters. And the reason being is one it makes you more relatable to they get really hooked because who doesn't love a good story and three we've seen more conversions from it and when using the soap opera sequence in. You're trying to use emotions and take the roller coaster. You don't talk about nothing. It has to be related to whatever product or service that you're selling like. I may break down talking about my journey as an entrepreneur and I went through all these ups and downs and how I struggled but eventually got to where I was and I wish I knew what I knew now because if I did that I wouldn't have to go through all the ups and downs and if you WANNA

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