Episode #40: Hi-Performance Heritage - The Legend of Mr. Norm and Grand Spaulding Dodge

Talking Mopars


What's happening friends? What a week! The fact that the superstock challenger Cat Durango and the new charter Red Eye wide-body have been announced. Tell us what we already know that. This is a great time to be a MOPE. Aren't easiest. I'm extremely excited. SUPERSTOCK MO- part legend has been revived and this time around. It's for the streets. I'm a big fan of the hearst superstock. Hemi bodies of sixty eight and this new challenger Superstock is exactly what I didn't realize I wanted to see return so bad. What a fun surprise and man! Did you guys see the teaser? Pick jeep this week on facebook. A three ninety two wrangler or gladiators seems to have been teased and that's something that really got my attention. You know what a crazy mope! Our world we are living in, but I'll tell you. What if you missed the original muscle car air like I did then we can all rejoice, because this is without a doubt, the second coming of factory high-performance machines that we can call muscle cars and I. don't see things slowing down anytime soon, but what we all know is that all good things must come to an end, so my suggestion to all of you listening is so it up and enjoy every minute that we have with these absolutely outlandish, massively overpowered and respected mopeds. And in other news, Chrysler's at Carlisle is over safely and on one hand I'm happy that it happened in the first place and. You know on the other I'm bummed out that I couldn't attend I. Hope that Those of you, that did make it to Carlisle. This year had a blast. And you know what I wanna hear all about it, so do me a favor. Send me an email Chris at talking Mo-, Parts Dot com, or leave me a voicemail message at two zero, nine twenty eight Mo par and tell me about your experience. What was your favorite car? This show you know? What was your favorite exhibit? And if any of you do that, we'll share it on next week's episode, but that's next week today. We are right here right now. So why don't we quit spinning these tires and let's get this show on the road. Brands per project car of the week this week. I wanted to talk about the most important project car. Build happening right now besides the one in your garage. That is the build Mo- Park Wa operative Bill Project now you may be asking. Press, what's billed Mo- par well? In case you missed episode thirty nine. That was last week. Show for those of you in the slow lane. Let me get you up to speed. Last week. We had talking Mo- pars alumni, and my friend chuck, mcmurray from HEMI PAGES DOT com back on the show. In this time he fills us in on his latest venture. The build moping doc project. I'll give you a brief rundown, but it was an awesome episode and I suggest you check it out for the. The full meal deal, so the build mopeds project is the first build of its kind leaving the fate of the build in the hands of the moped community. That's us. That's you. That's me. That's everybody in the moped community that means that we can all scare this project in whatever direction we want based on our votes were different aspects of this project in each of the different rounds of voting, so those rounds are series of votes in the first round of voting is going to be four what? What car will be built and following this will be other decisions made by us such as color engine power. Adar's suspension wheels, tires and more. This is an entire car build based on our votes as a community. How cool is that? The first round of voting is underway in closes on the seventeenth. So get your votes in right now. Stop what you're doing. Go to build more dot Com and cast your vote, but I suppose you need to know what the choices are, so let's check this out. Out The. General concept behind this build and to keep it relatively focused on a specific end goal is pretty simple. Vintage superstock Ermo par with a modern Mo- par Hemi for the engine. The end result is going to be a car that the Hemi pages team is going to send down the quarter mile at the modern street Hemi. Shoot out in twenty twenty one and we're all GONNA get a chance to see the results of our votes. The car that is built based on our decisions and You. Know what we want to see. We're going to be able to see. You know the car in action, which is really cool, and if you make it to a couple, certain events in two thousand twenty one. You get to see the car in person. How awesome is that? So with the first round of voting underway? We are voting on the car. That's going to be built and we have four vintage superstock Ermo parts to choose from, and they are a nine,

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