Seattle city leaders throw support behind defunding SPD by 50%


Council members pledging to defund and dismantle the Seattle police Department, as we currently know it. Almost met Markovich is following this story. The chance to be fun may become a reality. During a virtual news conference, four members of the City Council join activists and pledged to cut and rebuild SPD from the ground up. It is the institution of policing itself that must be does nettle. Three other council members later made the pledges well to follow for guiding principles proposed by the group's holding the conference. Replace current 9 11 operations with civilian controlled system scale up community led solutions. Funda community created roadmap to life without policing and invest in housing. For all the proposal is outlined by decriminalized Seattle and King County Deputy now is the North Star to our moral compass. The deputy mayor has now sent an email to the council warning that a 50% budget cut of SPD Would leave the department with zero budget remaining for 2020 and would require the city to abolish the department and a $100 million reduction or 25% of SPD is budget would mean immediate layoffs of up to 1000 personnel leaving chief Best and the Seattle Police Department unable to conduct basic functions. Come on Matt Markovich reporting. Seven of the nine members of the council say they would support up to a 50% cut of the budget. At that support holds the City Council could override of meat a veto from marriage any Dirk and says she does not support that large of a cut. Almost call Miller reports from Seattle Police headquarters with comment from chief Best and the chief saying that the people of Seattle should not have to go through this experiment and to see what happens if the budget or to be slashed in half. Now, that said, She does expect as he cuts to something agreed, but said she will keep fighting for her officers. Chief Best said that as communities around the country, figure out howto better police and keep people safe at this move would be detrimental and 50% cut. She had strong words about what it could mean. I will fiercely advocate that we focus on realistic, rational and responsible solutions, not political gestures or pandering, a political posturing. I do not believe we should ask the people of Seattle to test out a theory that crime goes away. If police go away that is completely reckless. That's almost Cole Miller reporting, Deputy Mayor Mike Fong sent a letter to the City Council stating quote it would be irresponsible to make immediate cuts without any conceivable mechanism to stand up alternative models to achieve community's safety. Dividing police are rather de funding. Police by 50 cent would change things in Seattle considerably. Comas Jonathan Joe takes a closer look. It's a huge gamble, first of her roof O with the Discovery Institute Center on wealth and Poverty. I think what you'd see is that wealthy neighborhoods would hire private security and the poor neighborhoods would unfortunately be left to fend for themselves. And rueful says it would be a win for criminals because fewer officers would be on the streets. I think you're going to get more chaos, more violence, more destruction, and you're gonna have a Liminal class criminal element that is able to operate with impunity. David Lewis is one of several protest organizer is pushing ahead by funding, education, community and health and housing were funding programs that statistically will drop crime rates inherent and at the very least, he says, Now is the time to try. This's a civil rights revolution. This is a civil rights movement. That's almost Jonathan Show

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