The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire


Back to Daly. Brett I'm Deepak Chopra. Series is. Synchronous knee and the spontaneous with of desire. And what I call. Living Sing credentials. The principle of synchronous knee is found in the Sutra. Humber mass me. Translated the core of my being the ultimate reality. The root and ground of the universe. This source of all that exists. So what is the core of being coding being is pure consciousness before it modifies itself into expense. This essential quarterback being Modifies itself into sensations sense perceptions, images feelings thoughts. That we ultimately experience. As a mind body, and what recall the physical universe? which is really the interpretation of perception activity human perceptual activity? And of course. In. The human brain. Awebber when you make the statement the goal. is the ultimate reality. You're already acknowledging the underlying intelligence at the core of all bodies your body by body. And ultimately anything that we call a physical object in other words the entire universe. Body. The planetary body. The universal buddy that intuit's everything from subatomic particles. To Stars in galaxies in everything in between. Let's call this the conscious intelligent field of the universe. The universal consciousness the spring of the Moss. It is the extended body that we all share. Are All started spinks recycling as body mind and planet. You and I are localized bodies and the universe. Are, exactly the same unified process. Thoughts wishes dreams is is. Also part of the activity of the universe. How could they not be? Because everything that we're talking about is contained in the universe, including thoughts wishes dreams is is. Because the nature of ornamented reality is bureau consciousness. So when you realize this, this realization allows us to relinquish control and allow your miraculous life to unfold, you realize. That the universe is unfolding through you spontaneously without resistance. That at at the deepest level. That is only universal. Activity or universal, process. That all you have to do is not interfere. Allow everything to unfold. The Sutra sound simple yet can take a lifetime to comprehend its meaning once again. The meaning is a Roma's me on means I. AM Roma's me means. The universe! Once, we understand this everything becomes possible. Because everything exists within weeks. Within does mean within the body. Within means within consciousness, even the body is experienced. In consciousness.

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