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Came about. The music business kind of long winded roundabout way, but before we talk about music and what you do doing these days. Take us back until it's what you do when you're in the Marine Corps. Shore, so I joined in two thousand four. Believe it or not with my older brother, we went to boot camp together That's a pretty unique story. We went. We both became squad leader, as so we got our asses consistently every day I was a great journey we separated, I went up to three of became an assault, three, fifty one and I went to Afghanistan with them our first. First Combat Mission was operation red weeks so most people know that through lone survivor I got back. My brother would keep calling me. He got pulled into recon recom- baby. Right out s ally, so he called me and said listen. talked to a lot of grunts. You need to be over here ads so soon as I got back from Afghanistan I signed up. It took the in dot. side-on with the first reconnaissance went through preview RCB B. R.. C.. Benchley got through a sniper scored with them, and we deployed to Luge in two thousand seven did that to got out, and then didn't know what I was GonNa. Do like a typical. Veteran, who had done quite a bit in, and was Kinda lost in the transition. So what I wound up doing is traveling the world for almost two to three years doing nonprofit work, so I went to Africa worked in orphanages. There I went to the middle. East that work in the Palestinian refugee camps. I was thinking I I'm thinking looking back? I didn't really know what I was doing I think I was trying to serve and restore and repair would I would have been taken away from being what I had taken some humanity from from the world, and so that took me on a crash course to. Learning how to love again, learn how to love myself learning how to love humanity define the good in it, because I'd seen so much of the evil and that was a big restorative process Then I took a job in Hawaii I think of. Utterly a mindset of lack. Of believing that, there wasn't enough for me to do music yet, so I wound up taking a contracting gig in Hawaii making six figures living on the beach. I had everything I thought I had as far as the American dream. You know and I still wasn't satisfied so I. believe in a creator or incident intelligence, whatever you WANNA call it and so I was praying meditating I said what's going on here? I'm not really happy, but I have everything I thought I'd want and. Felt like God showed me this verse in proverbs. It says the hope is deferred. You're heart is sick and I just felt like a conversation and said Hey. Your heart is sick, accredited to be an artist crazy to be a musician specifically, and you're doing everything, but so if you WANNA step up I'm GonNa go ahead and bless you, but I need you to take that first step and kind of like a Lee Satan in some regards so. Pack. My bags sold everything except by houses and moved from Hawaii live on the beach to New York City brush doubles every type of ethnicity and culture limited Manhattan. Yeah, it was I. Tell People is probably the most dramatic transition you can have it living in the same country you know, so. It was a solid kick in the ASS. I I called New York the boot camp of humanity. Yeah man you sleep. You have patients until you're stuck on a subway train with like fifty strangers in and the lights allowed, and you don't know who you're talking to. And who your next deals up. It was a beautiful transition. It really helped me with my music of definitely an observer of humanity and nature in general night tend to put that into music. So that was a great place to develop that skill. got a degree in audio engineering music production. gigging around a New York and taking different gigs I could see fit. I did some wet as it did some some things like that but I was a little burnt out by New, York the energy there. That's for choir to live. There is a lot in. There's definitely a lot of sensory overload and I felt like my time. was done of New York spent five years there in Manhattan learned a lot loved. It still love it. Have Budget family and friends for life, but I felt like my next best move was national Tennessee so I moved here back in February. I'm sorry. I last February Twenty nineteen, so I've been here just over a year and things starting to go right for me starting to go well. I got cast for a reality. TV show. Listen to your heart. It's part of the bachelor franchise. The first season they did it I was the joke around that I was the token guy on the show that they needed one guy? Olympics meets, but we got the data bunch of beautiful women and perform with them, and it was absolutely remarkable. Experience got national TV exposure and everything has been continuingly of progressive from there like I think part of the reasons that we're. We're having this conversation. Today is because of the show, and so yes, it's been an honor to have the struggle in the journey. Take it any other way. I feel like my my. I'm in the music. Industry has been very much like the marine. Corps you know Kinda like the Stepchild who work a little bit harder than everybody else. Does it know exactly how to navigate this? Stubbornness and the optimism to to continue to pursue it and push forward. Yeah, we were you always a musician or this can lead to. Great Question Up, so I started playing the saxophone in fourth grade. Would they sat us down a band? They play pig instrumentals exacts. That's for sure that's the sexiest one BIPARTI. Start playing that get obsessed with it I will go down to my basement for two hours a day three hours a day. Just play scales is loved it a fast forward in. Probably, high schools ninth grade saxophone was no longer cool. Being banned longer cool, and so my ego, happy drops at at took a Bass Guitar, a rock and roll band. That's where all the ladies were at that time. And then around sixteen picked guitar once I started singing that was it for me. once I started being able to sing with my boys, which is I would consider my primary instrument and creating songs that I could express my emotional point of view. I guess That was it to be so I. Did that all through high school? All through the Marine Corps I wrote a lot of songs in Afghanistan Iraq. I would sneak down to the chapel. We had time off in between missions, and I would write out songs and and that really kept me grounded kept me a fuller can be very beautiful medicine and healing arts for me, and you know I recommend for veterans anywhere. have a have art. That is of medium for your emotional state I. think that's one of the most beneficial thing somebody can do whether it's you know making knives, or it's painting or doesn't. Matter is how something Savak creative outlets really really healthy so? That kept me alive in Afghanistan. In Iraq I think it helped I've talked to a lot of guys that I was served with in a said. You know some of my best memories were listening to you. Play Guitar Distinct Song the corner of the of the of the huge, so that was pretty cool. looking back learning about that I've been doing it ever since mended. It was I always I never had the balls to to really push out in. Go for toll I was always this passive You know hobbyists. And then after I had everything I thought I wanted. The finances the House on the beach, the girls of I was still empty, and so I said I'd rather go fail at the and do something that allows them than. Sit By and sit back and just let life

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