Creating Music with Brandon Mills


What do you think your initial goal was or what were you thinking? What were you trying to do by making the big shift to go all in with music where you? Just need to do it. You see what happens or you like okay I'm going to try to become a recording artist were was drinking. I mean I wanted to go full full in. You know I still have have A. Optimistic Hopes of being an Edgier type figure I would love to be on a global scale of the national scale, international scale, but I think you know what it was more than anything. It was that I don't WanNa live my life in fear. Don't want to be controlled by fear and I'm scared that I could fail at this music thing because it's in all. Reality is maybe one percent can make it successfully on the level that we would consider success. And also I was I was, and I have no I have no judgment towards these men, but I was sitting across the table for men in their fifties, who had done twenty years in the military, and then took really cushioned Contracting Job and they were just I felt like they were dead. They weren't growing. They weren't reading. They weren't exploring. They weren't conquering. Fears have become very very stagnant very very complacent, and that just looked ugly to me. I said I. DON'T WANNA be that human being I don't want to look back in I. Five Look back at thirty years and of that person I'm going to seal it earlier. I had the same time when I when I retired from the mccray. I'm not a little bit different scenario. I I did have A. Job I've been furloughed from after September eleventh to go back to so. I had that option, but I just remember seeing. There's no way I'm doing the defense contractor I can't. Not Want to be around it. Nothing I just I just had other entrepreneurial desires, pursuits, and I felt like I. I felt like if I went into that I would have been in the same boat I just would have been. Dead inside I would've. quit growing in no. Great Steady paycheck all the time. But you know know you know upward mobility, no opportunity for growth or anything like that, so I can absolutely yeah So, we're about to midway point. We're GONNA. Take a quick break Break. We'll be right back and when we come back, I'm going to start getting into the the entrepreneurial ASP. Aspects of be becoming a musician promotion marketing networking, and how that worked for you in you know what being in the marine. Corps did to to help you with that, so we'll be right back. If federal members earn save more year, an average of two hundred ninety nine dollars more by banking with Navy Federal, Credit Union. Here's how. Members can choose products with low or no fees like one of our free checking accounts. Every Federal Credit Union's credit card. APR three percent lower than the industry. Average members earn up to two times more with the navy. Federal savings account thanks to savings rates that are twice. The industry average be fed also helps members save on their next new or used auto loan with great low rates Surf looking for a car whether it's your first car or your dream car navy federal. Federal is there to guide you in a finding a comfortable monthly payment you can afford, plus they have military discounts apply online or via their mobile APP and get a decision in seconds. When you're navy federal member, the more you're in the more you win to learn more

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