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Of the state researchers at UCSF teaching kids how to do their own Kobe 19 tests and Hope school could use a similar system in the future. President Trump is pushing hard on opening schools threatening to hold federal funding for district's that don't fully open. And Texas is trying to deal with a surgeon Corona virus cases just in the Houston area. The number of patients and eating an I C U bed has risen every day for the past week. McKeon is the CEO of the Texas Medical Center in Houston. We used to be known as one of the states that had it completely under control, and now we're in the top two or three states that are looking at this massive surge, he says. Even when beds are available, there is not enough staff to take care of the patients lying in them. Meanwhile, a New York state covert 19 hospitalizations dropped below 800 Friday. That's the lowest since March 18th President Trump has pardon Roger Stone, saving him from a 40 month prison sentence. Stone, a longtime advisor and ally to the president, was found guilty of lying to Congress witness tampering and obstructing the House investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. In a statement, the White House press secretary calling Stone a victim of the Russia hoax Saying he has already suffered greatly and echoing the president's repeated claims that he was treated very unfairly. ABC is Rachel Scott, their record he'd expected in the Southwest. As a heatwave grips large parts of the nation. Phoenix temperatures will likely reach 116 degrees or higher. You're listening to ABC News. Arizona's new station used stations

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