The Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty & Lloyd Evans


Telling you. Guys are no longer quarantined has got you know so. That's nice. Maybe I can go out I can go anywhere. I like in the car. Don't wish to Ruben though I can go anywhere I like in the car. Or okay. And actually it's annoying to me right now, because basically the mayor of Austin has announced like a day or so ago that. Because there's been an increase in uptick since I, started opening things up that he's probably going to extend the stay at home order, which was supposed to end on the tomorrow the fifteenth and I haven't heard yet. If the announcements been made, it may be that it gets made tomorrow. I don't know I. Get frustrated because on the rare occasions when I do have to go out like I have to get groceries or do whatever I find myself like physically bristling at all the idiots that aren't social, distancing an art, wearing masks and our. Hey, let's go down to the beach and let's go downtown. A party and I can I can understand a grant. Not, necessarily in favor of taking the risk for protest, but I mean you know Bach lives matter and we're in this constant state where it seems like somebody some African. American male is going to be killed by the cops any given week. And I think that's an important thing to address so I'm not down on the protest I. Wish people would be a little more safe and a little 'cause This cursing not gone, and we have several states who started to reopen and what we've seen is an uptick in the number of hospitalizations, and that's going to be the prime driving factor whether or not the mayor of Austin keeps it that way for for Travis County. Ration- of other people is just lacking in general in society nowadays, isn't it? I mean you would think that black lives master would just be a given. The people don't get behind it, but just lack of consideration for other people's experience Israeli. There's a lot of lot of positions that I. think should be met with well Duh and they're not. Yeah some cases they're met with. No, no, no. Don't say that say lives matter right so when we're trying to save the rainforest. You'RE GONNA. Come up and say hey. For strikes they've all forests you know. Don't do any research on prostate cancer cure all cancer we did. The black lives matter livestream my channel today and one of my guess came up with an excellent answer to lives must've from Matthew Iowa. Uh, you know what Jesus says you. If you're missing a sheep, don't you? Leave all of your chic behind and go find your lost sheep right well. Shouldn't the same logic apply when you have an entire demographic, the suffering inequality and injustice. Don't you focus on that so i? The Biblical explanation I've heard wildlife, Mahama Gosh we're GONNA have to put that in front of. In front of every Christian, who doesn't seem to understand it, but I don't know

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