'Defund the police' protest planned in Philadelphia


One hundreds of protesters have gathered in Malcolm X. park in west Philly to express their views on abolishing the police for more on this we all live here to be with us because that's what I understand this is not just simply about the funding the police but it's also about things as well right yeah I'd say it definitely is I mean they mention here at this protest that there are so many different private police forces as well here in Philadelphia Drexel police university city police a lot of security police in schools and they're saying that that is really detrimental to people it's not helping and what they want to do is they want to take those funds from these policing organization and put them into community organizations I heard from members of black lives matter Philly I'm from the Philadelphia student union and they were giving so many examples J. of incidents that have gone wrong incidents from a student being put in a chokehold brand Franklin high school because he didn't have a hall pass just incidents like that where they say that police are the wrong people to come in and to deal with these situations and so it's not enough they're saying to the from the police it's not even enough to retrain the police because members of the Philadelphia student union of said that they have tried that they want to get rid of police in schools they're making all kinds of demands including demands that they do not want police in schools when school reopens in the fall so now this protest is wrapping up a lot of people are heading over to the Philadelphia school district building to continue their protest and they say they're not gonna they're not gonna stop they're going to continue the message and they want to put pressure on superintendent height in to respond to their

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