Charlotte Flair/Randy Orton & RAW Recap - burst 12



Are you thinking that way if you're the wwe where it's about TV ratings and buys in the network, are you even caring and thinking about the amount of people that would be an arena for a match like that? Well right now I mean there are taking they take. They are taking some hits. WWe losing money. No, but you want to have people in an arena for that match. You WanNa. Give yourself the best opportunity to have the most amount of people. Cheering booing behind that match, so it's not it's about the capacity of the building, and since Florida seems to be a bit more progressive in their rules and regulations during this covert time. I could see by Summer Slam them Florida allowing fifty percent. Of a the capacity of an arena that gives you eight to ten thousand in the Amway. Charlotte versus Randy in front of Eight, to ten thousand people, I think that is. You're very happy medium now.

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