Is it possible that our society's racism


Language to data and policy because the next week or that you have chosen is public policy expert heather McGee tells about heather yeah so heather on the key as much as the policy expert and she gave this talk at Ted women in the December twenty nineteen called racism has a cost for everyone and I think the thing that I love about this talk is that she is looking at racism through the lens that I you know I think speaks to every single one of us is dollars and sense and really breaks down you know that there are no winners when people are racists yes so heather researches problems like rising household debt or declining wages or benefits and I wonder if people may have heard of heather McGhee because of a moment that went viral a couple years ago she was in the middle of the live TV appearance on C. span when they were taking calls in a white man named Kerry called in to ask her advice over how to overcome his racial prejudice I'm a white male and I am prejudiced it's kind of something that I learned what can I do to change it out to be a better American hello thank you so much for being honest and for opening up this conversation because it's simply one of the most important ones we have to have in this country so what can you do get to know black families who are this was a moment for her she kind of took a step back in and many doctors simply will highlight how does my work connects to this idea of thinking about systemic racism and the impact it has on all people and center on this tour where she spent a lot of time

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