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Hey welcome back. It's gun. Talk I'm Tom Gresham. Want be a part of this. Is, just give me a call. Eight six six talk gun. That'll certainly get you in here or call Tom Talk Gun. For some that's easier to remember. Okay I'll go with that. As, we watched the news. Over the last few weeks, riots looting. Arson murder. People taking over parts of cities declaring them to be autonomous zones. Oh i. it's but yeah. Seattle mayor, so it's kind of like a block party. Really Gosh setting new heights idiocy the Seattle mayor yes. People barricading the area with their warlord leader with an AK running around. Reportedly extorting money from businesses, you pay US or we'll burn you down Oh. Gee, that would be the kind of the Mafia model right? You're right. It's just exactly like a block party. That's that's what it is except the rest of us are look at that and going okay, this is crazy. And beginning these reports of yet it's coming to the suburbs, and there are plans to go into the neighborhoods and. Some of that is you gotta be careful what you see especially what you share. In social media is an awful lot of stupid noise out there step. It doesn't make sense and you're repeating because it's. It has shock value, which is why I got put out there in the first place. If you don't know what to be true and don't have it from a trusted source, I would suggest perhaps you don't. Pass along some of that stuff. And I don't care. If it's a gun store, say hey, you know. They're coming down here and we're going to have to mount up and bring your guns go. Yeah, no, you're a little bit. Out there dude. If you know the story, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't you don't need to all right fair to eight six six talk gun gets you in here. We're joined again by A really interesting writer guy has a pretty good insights on a lot of the stuff. That I really enjoy reading. Erin Towel joins US right now Erin. Thank you so much for being here. Tom, to, be back. You Bet, so. I'm looking at this article. Why gun rights are essential in a world of uncertainty in scarcity, and of course this was. Your pressing it because this was written just about a month ago now. I don't know that she predicted everything but boy you. Sir, we're right on this. What's your take on it thirty days later? Oh goodness. We've been following I. Mean we've been I've been following some of the events going on within the community I'm sure you know about the record breaking gun sales I. Believe the national shootings those reported. We add two million new gun owners. When's the last two or three months ago? Forty percent of women I think that most people most people regardless of where they played to go spectrum. Guessing what's going on in the world whether it's viruses. Unrest are bracing themselves for the worst case scenario, and it makes sense to take to take. A proactive of course to to ensure that means of your own stuff, protection and having I went to my about my. Loves the other day and have been tire store was cleaned out, and so no matter where you are I mean I, think people have a have a have a spider sense of what what's going on. I guess taking the taking actions to protect themselves and I mean this was before this must be forward the before the protests, and and the riots and I think because of bad. There's another good article. I. Read in reason that that's I mean gun control is going to be dead, but for at least another election cycle because I mean using calls to disband the police and what? The issue I mean at that point of my article. I mean the police were not be. We'll be there to help you out in time and. That just that just that just that just reality and you're saying that people are just taking proactive steps to protect themselves and regardless of where they are on the political spectrum. The responsible be peaceful, and they've other people alone within the residue that. It's interesting. It's kind of. A repeat to some extent. Of what happened with Hurricane Katrina because the the nation watched live TV when there weren't any police, their police were pulled out the weren't there, and then the looters and the rioters and the rapist and murderers were left to go do whatever they wanted to do. And a lot of people went out and bought guns because they say well. Gee, what would happen if that happened here? And there were no police? We would be our own and they did that all wow, where we may want to get guns, and so I've seen the exact same thing. Happen! After the last over the last thirty days, or so when people are watching on TV and gone. Wow, not only are these elected officials telling the police pullback. Let them burn down the police station, but now we have these calls to defend our actually disband the police, and now we were all just be on a warlord basis, a lord of the flies kind of situation so to your point Aaron Doug on well. Heck, yeah, that's where we're headed. I'M GONNA. Go get a gun and I'm going to buy AMMO GONNA. Get some training. But exactly so I, if the minute what economists Robert Hits but I had the fortune getting to know him when I was. The Independent Institute and he re posted in an an article of his, and he pointed out in the back in the nineteen sixties and seventies, he too many civil rights and antiwar protests, and he and he mentioned that no matter how the 'cause. Every protests open. What role people who are there for not so admirable raisins opportunities looking to steal newt. Take advantage and and raise hell, and you're saying I. Mean I I'm looking at the photos moving right now I'd like to think most people are are are are being peaceful legitimate grievances, but then, but that small segment of people who are there to loot luzio cause damage, and and what's really unfortunate that a lot of these businesses being looted and destroyed are actually owned by minorities and first generation immigrants people after the court sympathetic. To. Your calls, they're not marching in the streets with you, but it doesn't make sense for them. For those people, it'd be a test, but if you looked on twitter I, mean you've probably heard of the famous rooftop Koreans mean, but you're seeing people from all walks of life Pakistanis Armenians Arabs Persians African Americans.

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