Brazil's COVID-19 death toll becomes second-highest in the world


Those death toll from cove in nineteen has surpassed that of the UK and is now second only to the United States more than nine hundred people have died in the past twenty four hours according to Brazil's health ministry taking the total number of fatalities to forty one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight the WHO's says some intensive care units in in Brazil Brazil are are at at a a critical critical stage stage having having exceeded exceeded ninety ninety percent percent of of capacity capacity because because of of the the high high number number of of covered covered nineteen nineteen patients patients saw saw South South America America correspondent correspondent Katie Watson now reports from sao Paulo another could be cool out in Brazil's biggest in the center of the content the traffic flowing to these days because of quarantine but distance is still significant in the city of twenty two million and the roadster is bad as I thought talk to Francis knows him not to and drive it to attending a woman in her nineties cave in nineteen seventy percent of that call out and now related to the virus the university hospitals emergency ward dedicated to cope with nineteen patients health services here a badly coping the patience to make it a hospital all in a sense the lucky ones and also says the same three times as many people die in combat to life before the pandemic for a nickel Mister Ford became known Ching eyes to keep enough as it and then he started all we were doing was registering that's at home people interest leap and never woke up they didn't even have a chance we can come and get them to the hospital so we can give their family we arrived and they were already dead the motion Saddam Spinoza but for me to check out this story of a topic off to every patient they clean down the anti begins and change that protective equipment his close them down the not taking any risks they've been hit pass me by this virus a colleague many in the fourth looked up to pasta way home code nineteen in April the cross town in Sampaoli's eastern suburbs one of the worst hit areas of the city the virus is all too visible I had a vague but I bought out the whole Josie tells me how fond she was of her dad and Tanya hardworking in his sixties he passed his high school exams it had long been a dream of his to finish his education until you passed away last week as did his daughter chose to Kelly admitted to hospital the same day treated next to each other in intensive care they passed away within days of each other the case they said only the family called quite believe it they thought it was just panicked by the media fast nobody they knew had had the disease the president Jaipal Singh are of course his credit and we flew something that just absolutely disagrees with Hassan also courted he said just getting to the ball three was a struggle to brief nobody's taking this seriously they say well this is family mourns on tell you and Kelly cities like sao Paulo and Rio a starting to re open this despite a thousand people dying every day at the moment it's a strategy that many people fail to understand back in the ambulance Francis finishes a cool night his children's house so he decides to swing by the fact that you can only way through the gate the psychological toll he says is the most difficult he's not hog seven year old auto for more than two months such as his fear of passing the virus on he jumped in the ambulance and turns the siren off to this little game has to make do for now the end of the evening W. auto stretches out his arms to show how much he loves Francis and then he's off this is someone

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