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Went off with a bang. And it left dangerous particles in the air. We had very stagnant conditions overnight, a little more stagnant, unusual this time of year. Dr Philip Fun is with South Coast Air Quality management District. But when we woke up, a lot of that smoke was trapped very close to the ground. And it just started to lift maybe a couple hours ago, so it will get better as the day goes on. Only city. Firefighters were also very busy on the fourth spokesperson Margaret Stuart. We had 382. Fire related responses, which included three grass structure, brush and rubbish fires. Also, a man was killed A Lennox after setting off an illegal firework. He tripped trying to get out of the middle of 100 Fif Street and was hit by a dark colored Mustang or Camaro. The driver took off. The man died at the scene. Emily Valdez que next 10 70 news radio. Health officials are expressing alarm about the continuing spike in Corona virus cases in L, a county and in the number of victims who need to be treated at hospitals. In fact, They're warning hospitals across the county could actually run out of available beds for virus patients sometime in the next few weeks. The number of covert 19 victims in L. A county hospitals has already shot up more than 40% in just the past three weeks, the latest figure standing at 1947 with 100 with the 549 patients in ICU intensive care units. County health officials think that hospital soon may have to start implementing emergency plans so they can handle a new surge of virus patients. Well, what an unusual Fourth of July we just had. Most of us did not celebrate with the usual parades and fireworks.

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