There wasn't a lot of social distancing going on, including by the White House,


Withheld if they allow people to openly flouted the mask rules. Craig figure can extend 70 news radio this fourth of July to remember Or maybe one to forget the Corona virus pandemic had most Americans celebrating this holiday without the parades and fireworks that are usually around, however. There wasn't a lot of social distancing going on, including by the White House, CBS News correspondent Mark Strausman with more on the resurgence of the virus, especially in Florida. A rolling wave of covert already has hit America's Sunbelt states with the biggest spike over the last week. Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona, South Carolina and Florida. This holiday weekend. South Florida beaches are closed on Saturday, the state posted two alarming cove It records almost 11,500 new cases in a single day. And it's testing positivity rate hit almost 18%. Governor Rhonda Santas I don't think anyone predicted a Sunbelt resurgence in mid June. Not exactly true. Many health experts predicted spikes in states that aggressively stayed open for business like Florida. Florida has one of the highest number of statewide totals in the entire United States as off Saturday. Stated, climbed over 200,000 confirmed cases, and so far the virus has claimed more than 3700 lives in that's in the state off 35 now trying to check on traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives. Here's Rick Smith in downtown L A. The 1 10 north right before seventh Street gotta crash taken up the slow lane there

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