Your Hometown With Bob Lonsberry (Aired 07.5.2020) - burst 7

Bob Lonsberry


Each other. These are strong of a personality. People from a different parts of the country who had different cultural backgrounds back in a day when cultural backgrounds meant a lot. Today, we all swim at least a little bit in quote. UNQUOTE AMERICAN CULTURE TV right. We we hear how other people talk. We Watch shows that you know we all see. It gives us something in common certain expectations and and cultural attitudes become similar. We get We become normative I think the word is. But back, Dan. If you're up north, you're going to be one way as opposed to somebody down south. They're going to be some different way and and people. Were you know it was? That was a a an obstacle. Sometimes they're also were dramatic regional differences. The South had things that it absolutely needed, and the North had things that it absolutely needed, and these things were in conflict further there were divisions that. Came about because of the size of the state. The different delegates

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