Cases in Yakima could double in the next two weeks


Hour about the Yakima Culver dunk team cases but he was just asked about the deadly shooting in the chop region he said he is still not talked with Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan a dozen of the circumstances but he admits that we have to be able to get a handle on free speech people are protesting downtown and providing police services for the needy area again he's still awaiting more information on what exactly happened in other news governor Insley isn't forcing more restrictions in Yakima county to prevent the spread of covert nineteen in recent days hospitals there been overwhelmed by an increase in cases this is clear without additional measures without us doing something actually quite dramatic cases in Yakima could double in the next two weeks he says he will mandate people need to wear facial masks when they go to opt out in public basically no mask no service king county is moving on to phase two of the state's covert nineteen re opening plan Jessica Baggett with the state department of health explains what that means strong can open that less than fifty percent capacity our people say there's no larger than five retail stores can begin after purchasing services in the home such as nannies and house cleaning I can resume all the above still requires mask wearing improper physical distancing king county qualified for phase two in part by reporting fewer than twenty five new culvert nineteen cases per one hundred thousand residents over the past two weeks phase two begins immediately and king county was one of four counties to move on to face that new phase yesterday fifteen counties are now in phase three only five counties remain in phase one the governor warned of coronavirus cases begin to surge in some counties he will not hesitate to move counties backwards in phasing

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