Nadler to subpoena AG Barr over Berman firing


House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler says he's asked U. S. attorney Geoffrey Berman to testify on Wednesday along side to whistle blowers no word on whether he will Burma's stepped down this weekend from his post as U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York after an extraordinary public clash with Attorney General bill Barr Simon marks reports Democrats are demanding an inquiry into the extraordinary defenestration of Geoffrey Berman the U. S. attorney in the Southern District of New York over the weekend Mr Berman is the man who has been leading criminal investigations into president trump's business empire the activities in Ukraine of the president's personal lawyer Rudy guiliani and also the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein the disgraced and now deceased financier accused of sex trafficking but all of that came to a sudden end when Attorney General William Barr also president trump to fire Mr Berman over the weekend and the Democrats leader in the Senate Charles Schumer wants to know why that the actions were taken on a late Friday was the first clue something nefarious was happening the late Friday night dismissal reeks of potential corruption of the legal process the second clue was that Attorney General Barr about what he and the president were doing Mr Barr claimed that Mr Berman was quote stepping down my short while later Mister Berman revealed that in fact he was not stepping down in the space of just a few minutes our nation's top law enforcement official proving to be dishonest with the American people the U. S. attorney's office in New York has a long tradition of jealously guarding its independence

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