The Bay Areas Long Tradition of Celebrating Juneteenth

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Everyone it's Olivia Allen price and this is bay curious. This Friday is June nineteenth, but to many people. It's much more than that. It's June. Teeth a celebration of freedom. The holiday has been around since the late eighteen hundreds, but it may take on a new residence this year given the protest for racial justice happening across the country. A few major local employers have even made June eighteenth a paid holiday for their staff. Here at bay curious, we like to keep our eyes on search engine trends and we've noticed a lot of locals are asking what is June. Teeth so I up. We've got a quick primer for you from reporter assaults on a poor. For one weekend each year, thousands of people come together at the Lauren district in south. Berkeley, you'll see drummers traditional African clothes, street vendors, selling barbecue and an exhibit, documenting local black history is all for Berkeley's annual June teen festival, which the city celebrated almost every year since nineteen eighty. It some AB- rates the black experience. That's what I always tell people, Dolores not cooper has been organizing Berkeley's June eighteenth festival for the past thirty three years June teen stands for June nineteenth, and it was the day that general granger road into Galveston Texas on June nineteen, eighteen, sixty five, and let the slaves. They are know that they were free in. This was two years after the Mansa proclamation. This was the last group of enslaved people. People to learn, they'd been freed. The celebration evolved into June teams an annual holiday commemorating their emancipation delores says it's meant to remember the nightmare of slavery while celebrating the resilience of the African American community, we have to to our own horn and let people know that what we've done is significant without our contribution. America just simply would not be America so June teeth puts black joy and culture, front and center through food, frightening dance and music. The more you know, the more familiar you are, the better you feel, and it's not just. Oh, I like that music, and all I like the culture kind of thing, but just knowing black people as individuals. That have the same needs and wants as everybody else, but this year is June. Team will look a bit different, so we are doing an online commentary with writings from riders artists about the Penn Dim make about civil unrest about the current status of black lies. delores says they're calling this virtual event. No justice, no emancipation. She says the organizers will publish daily commentaries by black artists about how they're. They're processing the current moment. One article draws comparisons between protesters and comic book characters. Another is about running while black in response to the killing of a Motte Arboretum Dolores, says the at the end of the celebration she'll compile the writing into a magazine so that people have a keepsake to remember this June teams by the civil unrest makes us hopeful about the future in America and the changes that. potentally can come.

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