Miami - DeSantis plays down Florida's rise in cases


A scam police want you to be aware of if you're trying to collect unemployment stand later we'll have that story and how does the U. S. stay ahead of China her Darling reports on that those stories and more coming up after fox news on ninety three W. why BC W. Y. B. C. H. T. one Indianapolis and it's now seven o'clock Senate Republicans are ready hi Dave Anthony fox news output for their policing reform plan the day after president trump's executive order we must improve accountability increased transparency and invest more resources in police training recruiting and community engagement let's look rats were critical congressman James Clyburn told fox to move and does not go far enough they may advance their bill and a house committee today after the Senate legislation is unveiled fox's Rachel Sutherland as more live did the Republican crafted justice act would encourage police departments to eliminate chokeholds it also includes a tracking mechanism for use of force and no knock warrants GOP senator Tim Scott says his bill has most of what Democrats want but draws the line ending qualified immunity which protects officers from civil lawsuits for using pills in their legislation and that's why Mitch McConnell said it's a nonstarter for those poison pills the Republican bill also links federal funding to increase use of body cameras they've raised a little more protests overnight in the Richmond Virginia they took down another Confederate statue Florida's Republican governor understand this is downplaying a spike in new coronavirus cases that's led to some bars and restaurants to close in Jacksonville beach is not interested in pausing re opening statewide rejecting calls for making masks in public mandatory Florida had more than twenty seven hundred new cases Tuesday its largest one day increase since the pandemic began Arizona's ICU capacity is it more than eighty percent while in Texas covert hospitalizations reached an all time high this week fox's Casey Stengel Connecticut is you know virus declines with moving forward today with more re openings people great restaurants going to bowling alleys movie theaters not everyone though he's saying they're ready to go back inside died in prison America is listening to fox news W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go Wednesday morning violent morning a mostly sunny sky fifty eight degrees in the circle city eighty seven is the high today I'm John Herrick for golden oak lending here's what's trending at seven OO to seven people shot two killed all within the span of a few hours two people were killed on Bolton Avenue it all started around one twenty this morning police responded after a car driving southbound on boards and ran off the road and came to a stop in someone's backyard inside that car police found the two victims that we know about with gunshot wounds both of those men are dead the reason police believe there may be a third victim is that they found a blood trail from that car leaving the scene so they're working to see if they can follow that to

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