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Welcome back this is the bench so what sort of policy solutions are people and let's look yeah well if you if you listen to the actual black lives matter protesters you look at the website they're calling for defining the police but really like getting rid of the place full scale they're also calling for getting rid of prisons which is an exciting new opportunity yeah it's funny the media have been suggesting that that support is rising for black lives matter but they're not actually making clear what they mean by that I'm sure support has risen for the slogan black lives matter because you have disconnected it from the roots of the group black lives matters if you actually look at the agenda that is posted by BLM on their website it's a crazy radical agenda and to prevent like eight percent of the American population so instead of you asking Americans do they agree with the idea of black lives matter of course of course conservatives liberals everybody agrees with us in the meanwhile what are the actual policy solutions being put forward so there's a really garbage essay by Tana hockey coach I've been informed that I've been mispronouncing his name because it's about time he said I guess it's kind of hockey coach I apologize for that in any case penthouse because had a really ridiculous that's a few years ago that was widely it was widely distribute called the case for reparations and basically the case was bad stuff happened in the past and thus people deserve money now which is I hello but I held the contention given the fact that we are now a hundred and sixty years under fifty five years removed from slavery in the United States and at this point we are now fifty five years removed from the from the Civil Rights Act in the United States yeah but some politicians are apparently taking him up on this end of this year who is the governor of Kentucky you noticed on Monday that the state will begin working for correcting a racial inequalities in health care coverage among other areas across the state he's been providing a breakdown of the racial makeup of the state's cover nineteen cases and throughout the crisis cases involving black patients about pace the state's black population and now that is largely because of underlying health conditions in that it's just a simple fact black patients outnumber white patients on a proportional level in Great Britain and Great Britain black patients are dying at a higher rate because higher rates of obesity higher rates of heart disease and these things exist differential in communities we have to pretend that this is all because of racial discrimination so anyway sure decides that he's going to say something that is overtly it unconstitutional like overtly unconstitutional he says we're going to make an effort to cover a hundred percent of black and African American individuals which I don't know the difference I thought those were sentenced in in Kentucky so it's going to provide full state based health care on the basis of race which is really hideous policy like five seconds ago that would be done for white people it would been hideous now he's suggesting that we are going to use state policy in order to actively discriminate in favor of a particular race this is super dangerous stuff racial classification along these lines for the purposes of either government benefits for government targeting is really bad because remember this immediately says if you're Asian then you don't get treated the same as a black person or if you're white you don't get treated the same as black person Filipino you'll get treated him as a black person here is the end of this year making his contention yesterday I mean this is overtly unconstitutional my commitment today is we're gonna began an effort to cover one hundred percent of our individuals in our black and African American communities everybody we're gonna be putting dollars behind it we're going to have a multi faceted campaign to do it but it's time especially during covert nineteen when we see what happens when you don't have coverage we're gonna make sure that everybody does okay so it will make sure everybody does but we're specifically gonna focus in on providing health care for black and African American individuals what I'm sorry but you can't do that right equal protection in the mornings equal protection under the law now you wanna provide state based medical assistance to everybody in your state go for it I think it's bad policy but certainly not for it but what we are now verging on is the idea that racial reparations are the answer to all of this now here's the promised reparations or not he answered all of this they're not you can sign a hundred thousand dollar check to every black person in America now you have some problems defining how how black you have to be in order receive that check is done based on the number of slave ancestors you had or is it done simply based on the color of your skin and let's say that you had both slave holding ancestors and also slate ancestors it is actually true for Barack Obama apparently when one side is family because he's half black and half white on one side of the family there were slave holders on the other side was family there were people who were enslaved so how exactly does that work so the argument is that if you're black in America then you have not benefited from the system in anyway if you're white America you have benefited from the system so the simple distinction will be based on what skin color you look or.

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