Seattle sports stars, including Russell Wilson, to host ESPYs remotely


It will be a Seattle flavor for Sunday night's virtual espys combos bill Ford says the war Joe will honor new heroes and offer a message of hope during challenging times from the global pandemic to a worldwide protest over racial injustice twenty twenty has been a different unforgettable year because of covert nineteen instead of a five thousand person audience in Los Angeles for the first time ESPN sports awards show will have the three co host in remote settings the trio all happen to play and live in Seattle I am also wills I'm super animator Pena the espys there's a night to celebrate hope courage strength and resilience the storm sue bird and rains Megan Rapinoe our partners and share a house which makes it easier for television crews setting up service perseverance the moments that inspire and the power of sports to unite the dynamic duo will get a chance to show off their sense of humor which they've been honing in their own quarantine podcast called a touch more Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is set up an SP red carpet in his home singer wife an expecting mom Sierra will likely make an appearance Wilson tells ABC's Good Morning America we're gonna have some special moments over the years the espys a poke fun and highlighted amazing athletic achievements they're also a platform for important messages like we witnessed in two thousand eighteen from Dwyane Wade the late Kobe Bryant and lebron James use our Florence and renounce all violence the racial profiling has to stop Russell Wilson and other African American athletes not afraid to lead a movement for social change right now it's a no brainer for us to really emphasize the significance of what's going on around the world chores chores and the espys will honor heroes galore including former boxing champion Kim Kleinfeld who became a nursing Canada's battle against corona virus she received the Pat Tillman award for service the espys error at six o'clock Seattle time Sunday on ESPN I'm bill Schwartz come on news

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