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Freeway near downtown Minneapolis TV footage showing protesters swarming the truck and then law enforcement quickly moving in the Minnesota state patrol says the action appeared deliberate the patrol says the driver was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries and U. S. senator from Georgia Kelly Loeffler speaking on the protests they have a right to protest they're upset I'm upset it's disturbing what's happening and we need to make sure that we address it in real time but this activity it's criminal in nature it distracts from what we need to do to honor the memory of George Floyd and to move forward with this dialogue about how to solve our issues in this country meanwhile the Minnesota prosecutors who charged the police officer with the murder in the death of George Floyd has asked the state's Attorney General to assist in the case attorney Mike Freeman said he's asked Attorney General Keith Ellison for help and it was agreed Freeman says there have been developments in the case which make Allison's help and expertise is valuable activists have called for the governor to appoint an independent prosecutor and Minnesota governor Tim Walz has a positive message for protesters during a press conference where he once again addressed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis today tens of thousands of you took that cherish right and exercise your right to get out there and peacefully protest you made your voices heard you spoke loudly about the need for justice and swift justice and you talked about the need to make meaningful change on systemic racism several cities are.

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