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Steve Kasten bell mayor bill de Blasio said he had no plans to impose a curfew unlike other major U. S. cities I'm John trout vandalism and destruction continued in California as additional curfews were declared to prevent more violence after vandals torched police cars broke into stores and clashed with officers in riot gear shops were burglarized in Santa Monica Sunday afternoon as store owners in Los Angeles and other cities cleaned up from destruction the night before west point officials say sixteen cadets have tested positive for corona virus west point superintendent lieutenant general general Williams says the affected cadets are receiving treatment but are not showing symptoms of the disease in addition seventy one of the more than five thousand faculty staff and civilians at west point have tested positive for the virus since March the cadets who were surveyed for symptoms before returning have been arriving in groups that are tested in quarantine upon arrival I'm bill Michaels and John trout you remember when your mom and dad talked about the importance of having term life insurance I mean it felt really good knowing the family would have money after something happened how do you think they felt they worked their entire.

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