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Mexico reopens economy after two-month COVID-19 lockdown


Take you to Mexico now the country looks set to Paul's ten thousand deaths from corona virus this is the second highest toll in Latin America off to Brazil the authorities recognize that Mexico is now at the peak of the pandemic never the less they'll gradually reopening the country from today the first of June this week to journalists on a government level house in Mexico City M. what Mexicans think then of the idea to start of starting to ease the look down on the camera when the peak of the pandemic is is ongoing in the country Hey when Mexicans are deeply divided about these government decision many are uncertain the relief that the economy is re opening because more than half of the population making a living in the informal sector and do not have a fixed salary so for them this lockdown has been especially hard but on the other hand there is another part of the population which stinks that easing the lockdown is very contradictory since specially now the corona virus is spreading really quick so these people are worried a friend even more sharply increase of the cases and the I W. I had the flu shot and this is what he told me the decision for re opening Mexico is being taken since its economy won't receive a long time to slow down situation however for a successful re opening the publishers should be should commit themselves to to be respectful of the measures required to control the street of the disease we are not sure if the city will be possible in Mexico so it's highly improbable to see a rise in the number of cases during the next days there is the after re opening challenging the out by the media and the extremely health services it's what every country is bouncing right then our public health versus the need to get the economy back running again so so what changed what we see today Mexico in terms of using the lock down the economy will be allowed to resume operations and that's the government's case it would be done gradually and the friendly in each part of the country for example in Mexico CD that so far has been dead the epicenter of the pandemic the schools we continue to be close but the construction will be respected also restaurants would be allowed to operate that thirty percent of their capacity be a production so will be respected and the seas has been particularly because of the debate since the government has considered it an essential activity so we should point out that Mexico in Mexico the lockdown has a strong get western he advised by the government and imposing some places such as schools and working centers but not to the general population so Mexico is a country of many different realities and some people carry out on working through all this time and somehow stop the work depending on how old they are absolutely it's the same the world over isn't it is is there any clear idea then why we're looking at the situation in Mexico with a maternity right from corona virus is so hard to just behind Brazil's when the mentality rate is really high he did so one of the highest in the region G. journey so nine point eight percent on the Alberta check over that of the people is fifty nine years so is leading junk considering like comparing to other countries especially in Europe so expressing that the reason behind east another up and then make a **** the country before the coronavirus which is over sixty Mexico with the U. S. is one of the countries with the highest number of obese people in the world and that conditions comes with other related problems such as diabetes and hypertension so according to though W. it show this contributes to higher rates of CDS complications from cardiac thank you for joining us on Capitol hasta Tony is live from Mexico City

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