Ep. 31 - Behind the Gates with Mark Meadows - burst 7


Calls me on my cell phone. which which has pretty regular. And! We talked about a couple of things, but I told him I miss President Heidi theory. Mind if I put you on speaker and so she. He chatted with ICTY, but it was interesting. Heidi said she said was president. It is really really important for you to speak out to the racial injustice in this country, and for you to speak for unity, and she was really heartfelt, an emotional about it, said she you know Heidi, said look I can't think of anything more important for you to do. It was interesting afterwards. I told her I said you know Heidi. And he has repeatedly. And you haven't heard it because the media won't cover it so when he stands up and says don't commit commit rioting and burn churches down and murder police officers. They'll cover that sorta yeah, but when he speaks out and says what happened to George Floyd was wrong and racist and bigoted and the officers. Who did that need to be prosecuted? They don't cover that part of it and that's got to be frustrating. Well, it is frustrating. He gave a an unbelievable speech when we saw SPACEX. Elon Musk rocket go go in into orbit, and he gave a great speech, and the first part of that speech was literally about what you're talking about. Didn't get covered I mean in fact, you Roy gave a great speech and no one could find. They couldn't see it. It wasn't you know CNN MSNBC. None of them covered it even I who I am. Live in the stuff I'm a political. Didn't see so so you have all of that and social media censorship on top that's right well, and that's the key. That's why the e o on the social media platforms so key because it is the work around the very fact that people are doing this right now are hearing. This is is a critical thing that we have to preserve and protect, but I'd say the other aspect of that is this when when you look at what this president faces it is the voice of a millions of people across this country and actually get to him. He sees it in real time. He hears about it from from senators who are constantly calling out. Another story that no one knows about you know so. We have a church that was burning. I'm getting text messages, and and and everybody said the president has got to do. Something Washington DC literally was burning in Lafayette. Park It was a Sunday night I'm on the phone with the president of the United State after midnight, and he says you know we mark. We've got to get control of it. So what happens is is the next morning we put things in in in motion with attorney. General Bar, and and may bring in National Guard troops and all of that. To actually say that we're going to restore law and order and you know what happened. We restored law and order. Now it's it's. A, but that wasn't the first midnight. Call the first midnight. Call was in Minneapolis where he calls the governor of Minnesota and says governor in an I was on the phone with General Milley with the president. The president calls the governor of Minnesota says listen I'm watching it real time. What's happening in in your cities there in Minnesota he says yeah. The police have abandoned things. He says we're going to send the National Guard will help you.

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