PS5: Sony gives first look at PlayStation 5



Episode is going to be all about the playstation. Five and the PSI reveal event that Oh my God showed so much. I'm joined this week by Brian. Town Hey beyond beyond Lucy O'Brien. Beyond. Mexico Bill. Larry Station. Guys We. We have so much to talk about. It's a meeting like the pipe was finally unblocks. Yeah I like. The number of episodes were even like playstation. Games are coming soon. They're coming soon. We're GONNA get into Oliver Reactions the biggest game some of the. Gains in some of the stuff that we didn't see in this place type reveal event I. If you haven't watched it, we'll have some of the bureau going, but please go check out all of these really cold trailers. But I do want to start off of course with the consulate self We were all watching the show together. We were listening. and talking over dischord together, and throughout the whole show we all like. Are they leading up to the console, and they lead up to the council. They showed the design of the PS five. In fact, they should to designs. We have one with the disc drive in it, and then also an all digital edition much like xbox one Saturday. We didn't get prices for this or released, but we did. Get a designed so I want to know everyone. What did you think of this designed Lucy? Let's start with you since I. Know The design has been a big thing for you. Well I mean I as I said on livestream like I've always wanted Sony to go like stupid crazy with this, because like console designs have gotten increasingly conservative over the years, and I've just. I said all along like make this like home is car like just at a whole bunch of we to it? Make it strange like heaven. You know strange shape, and and all that and you know I gotta say they really delivered on this one I mean it is oh, it is a weird looking console. I mean the means already starting as we speak. The names the main factory is generating. It's I love it I have absolutely no idea how it's. GonNa, work, aesthetically might apartment. By afternoon photos of it horizontally I will say there are photos that show you can put it in your. You know which is which is good I, can't I can't think of the district is a little like a little hernia. Mainland China like it's like it's like it's pregnant, but that on the side, so it's like a little hernia on the side Damn. Had On. It would probably look like like the the disc version is off before we went into quarantine. And then there's the other version where we have A. You know we've gained the covert. We have. Got Exactly where my thoughts went to, but yeah Taylor Pooch. You know needs you can work off. You can lose weight in like a week or two. You just gotTa. Just clean eating, no beer for a couple of days. But why would you WANNA do that? The My? Now wants to chow down after snacks. I I'm totally I. This is probably one of the more surprising looking council reveals ever honestly in terms of the first impressions, just in terms of like being something that is so completely nontraditional while immediately screaming video game console at U. obviously a lot of people being incredibly productive, being like it looks like a router I'm old enough to know that this is the same stuff of intend to. We I think. Think, people like they they they get really bored when they just see a big black sideways boxer vertical box but they also don't want it to go to strange in another direction I'm actually all for it. The interesting thing to me is that people have started to lineup using the drive size and the USB size in the front. Exactly how much bigger taller it would be than the series accents obviously sinner. What it is about five to six inches taller with. Is is pretty is pretty sizable I honestly maybe could be four inches, but it's either way it's this. This is a significant size taller than the series x, and it got me looking at my entertainment center, and wondering. Where is GONNA work near to put it sideways. Put it vertical but you know we the second controller I think we kinda hoped that it would aesthetically match the bizarre weirdness of how kind of like weird future future they went with that and the white black color scheme, and they delivered, and I'm all for it. I we're you know we've got to see if there's any other colors that will see for but. I remember when the series came out. People were immediate like Oh. You can put stickers on it. You Skins on it and I. Don't know if I want to do that. This like at all like it feels like putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley. It really feels like just by looking at it that it went through so many different iterations that someone to said okay light lace just like just tear up history books and start afresh in like. Just go not so that like just a as crazy as you want. And then we'll kind of like lower it from there and I really love to see some of those other designs, because it does like we did this on the last show I think Otani use it like it does feel like it could have been a mock-up from a fan.

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