Astronomers vs Starlink - burst 03


The planet at this stage? Yeah, we do it's. It's a really interesting story. Andrew because it's a very strong Australian flavor of there is a strong exoplanet Group University of southern Queensland people most of them. I know pretty well because it worked with many of them. Before on. A observatory in. A spring in New South Wales University of southern. Queensland has. A tree to place called Mount. Kent it's DOC's guy site, which means that they'll be delighted that the SPACEX satellites have been com because it would. Defendants from that. Eight. Essentially a planet discovery. Facility Is used in tandem with necessary task satellite the transiting EXOPLANET survey satellite. Basically. University of southern Queensland provides backup facilities, and that's exactly what's happened in this particular story. Sorry, you asked me about the story. Sell the planet itself which

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