Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - burst 8

Fame is a Bitch


Respond in kind with great stories. So Jada Pinkett is saying that these claims made by this singer August al-Sina. Saying he had an affair with her. And that this affair was green lit by her husband Will Smith. She's calling these total lie. So this Guy Augustow seen recently sat down with the Brexit Rectus Club, the chick who works for that show Angela Yee and he's talking about his new album. The products three state of emergency fucking titles stupid. But the interview took a quick turn because he claimed he was in the relationship, had been in a relationship with Jada after he was introduced to her by her son Jaden five years ago and according to Al Seen. It went on for some time. So he was really emotional, talking to me was crying. Really fucking silly to cry about this, but that's how much jaded meant to him. He says she's the only person he ever loved, and he was so devoted to her. and He poured himself into their relationship for many many years. Now Jada Pinkett Smith's Rep say! Shit not true.

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