Song of the Summer 2020: Which Hit is the Early Favorite?

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So Keith yes. The Fourth of July holiday is like right around the corner here in the US and Many people getting ready for some. Socially distance gatherings and picnics and barbecues and Ho- downs and all that fun Shannon. Shenanigans Yeah all responsibly quarantine of course We thought it'd be good to to kind of devote this episode instead of the weekly charts to topic near and dear to my heart. Song in the summer. It is near and dear to your heart. I love talking about song in the summer. I've written lot about it over the years I. WE'RE GONNA. Talk about. Your world how billboard ranks the top songs of the summer. In terms of our charts department, and then we'll dive into the rundown of V number one song in the summer for each year from two thousand nine through twenty, nineteen. And then we'll discuss some predictions for what could be the top song of this summer of two twenty, twenty Jason loves talking about songs of the summer, but somehow I've yet to convince him to join the Movement for other seasonal lists and rankings such as the top winter jams. Or the most awesome autumnal ditties I just think why Jason. You don't like anything but songs of the summer why? I do like song of the fall. That's my number two just because I kind of like you know last year you had a song like the weekends. Heartless commander November, and it's just like a good fall song like it's. It's a little chilly It's a little bit more introverted but the thing about the song of the summer is that it's it's iconic. What we mean when we talk about song in the summer. A song that you associate with a specific time in your life, a song that is ripe for partying and gatherings Of course during summers, where such things are allowed and you know but anyway I. Love It. Let's get into it. Let's on this summer I some finer points on. Al Billboard actually compiles its annual song. The Chart the charts which you can actually find on billboard right now is a running tally that tracks the most popular songs based on cumulative performance on the weekly billboard, hot, one hundred chart, and that's from memorial. Day through Labor Day here in the United States and this year those charts encompass the charts dated June sixth through September fifth, and at the end of the. The season, the top song of the summer, basically is the top song in terms of overall performance on the weekly, hot one hundred during that span of time, and will reveal that shortly after Labor Day, right now to babies, rockstar featuring roddy rich is number one on the twenty twenty song of the summer chart while in the mix in the top ten or songs like Megan, these million savage between beyond say and the weekends blinding lights. Yes, so we'll get to this year, and and how this is a more competitive year than than some years past including last year. But now that we know how we would determine the song of the summer for the year. Let's go back in time Keith. And revisit what the number one song! The summer was for each year from two thousand nine through twenty nineteen. I WANNA. Point out that we actually have a song of the summer determined for every year. The hot one hundred has existed all the way back to nineteen fifty eight, so if you want to check out every number one. For, each summer, every song of the summer back from Nineteen fifty eight to twenty, nine, hundred nine. You can do that on Dover Dot Com. Just do a Google search for summer songs, nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred nineteen. It'll pop right up. You'll be good to go tested at actually works. That's. It's better than saying. GO TO BILL DOT COM slash chart dash beat slash one five dash two three. You know it easier. It's easier to do it this way. Well I up. We've got two thousand nine song of the summer. It's the black-eyed peas I. got a feeling. Let's take a listen to a little bit of it now. That tonight it's GonNa, be. Good I. In. The summer of two thousand nine belonged to the PS. They actually have the numbers, one and two biggest songs of the summer that year as boom boom POW was number two. The two tracks were so huge in two thousand nine that I got a feeling spent fourteen weeks at number one on the hot one hundred and actually replaced boom boom POW at number one, which itself had spent twelve straight weeks atop the list so. So from the April Eighteenth, two thousand nineteen chart through October, tenth two, thousand, nineteen, hot, one hundred chart, the PS were number one every single week with either boom boom, POW, or I got a feeling which is pretty insane.

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