The Distraction of Technology & How To Live In The Moment


Olinda by Josie Michelle Davis of Josie. Michele Davis DOT COM. Hiking through the rain forest can be a magical thing. The lush greenery all around the far off sounds of bird. You've only ever seen in a zoo chatting with one another the light ray on your face, and the deep smell of Mossy rocks. Was Not so magical is getting stuck in a downpour under a lean to with a woman named Linda who insists on calling everyone. She's ever met and loudly talking to them about how her arthritis is putting a bit of a damper on her dating life. I don't mind rain for few minutes million and stood together under the lean to watching the rainfall with only the steady beats of drops falling around us. Love the sound of rain, probably because I'm fairly privileged, Weicker, whose only really bad experiences with rain were when it put a bit of a damper on our families day at Epcot and I had to buy children's large sweatpants because my jeans got soaked through seriously, though why does it always rain on Epcot Day I mostly fine rainstorms charming in even calming, and was perfectly happy to stand with. My husband's arms wrapped around me watching the rain until it slowed. And then Linda came I'll standing on the edge of the lean to looking down the hill, when a middle aged woman came towards me, waving frantically and yelling. I found. You is still attempted to hide behind frank, which doesn't work so well since I'm a nearly six foot tall shreve ago, the woman quickly realized that me and my husband were not the date that she had lost on the mountain, but decided it was best to hang out with US under the shelter, anyway. I did what I always do. Awkward social situations an promptly pretended I'm deaf mute and have no way of communicating with other humans so I might as well just face the opposite direction and watch the rain. Some are and hope you don't insist on talking to me. Linda was not hindered by us, not budding up to her, though even though we were thousands of feet up the side of a mountain, she somehow had the teeny tiniest bit of reception on her cell phone, which made it possible for her to voice to text. Leave rambling voicemails and call everyone she's ever met. We heard all about her date that presumably had abandoned her and left her for dead in a Puerto Rican rainforest. We heard about how she was aggressively trying to get a CO worker to spend more time with her. Despite this woman spurring her advances, her words by the way, and we heard her lament about how tough dating is when you have arthritis in your hands. It was awkward to say the least after five minutes that felt more like an hour. We decided to venture into the pouring rain and hike as swiftly as we could down the mountain in fear that Linda might catch up to us, and we would be forced to listen to more phone calls and dictated text messages. I couldn't help but think how incredible it is that you would hike through the rainforest in still be unable to put your phone down and enjoy what's around you, but if I'm totally honest with myself, I do that, too sure. I don't make phone calls unless absolutely necessary. Why can't doctors just text you anyway? And I certainly am not going to voice to text in public when my hands are perfectly free. I mean come on guys. Why even bother texting at that point, but I'm sure way more often than I realize I'm standing somewhere amazing and beautiful. Too Busy scrolling through Instagram to even notice. I'm not someone who thinks technology is evil, quite the opposite in fact I have no desire to get rid of my iphone or live in some remote cabin without Internet I think all of that stuff is awesome. Actually I believe instagram has truly pushed me creatively. I love that I can check out an e book or Audio Book for my library and read it right on my phone.

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