Two protesters hit by car on I-5 in Seattle


One with life threatening injuries after being hit by a car while protesting last night. State Patrol is looking into why men went around a barricade to run down a crowd of protesters on I five in Seattle comas. Nick Problem breaks down What happened? There's still much to look into, as investigators continue to comb through the evidence and talk with Different witnesses who were on the freeway when that car drove through those protestors, one person we spoke with who was on I five when this happened, said the car was driving so fast. A lot of people didn't have time to react when it was coming right toward them Using a tragedy like this, and it really tears your heart out. He has an independent journalist based in Seattle. Mark Taylor can field has been covering these demonstrations since May 30th. He says last night was only the second time he's followed the protests on the I five that he heard. It was intended to be a short demonstration. I heard someone say a car, a car, so I jumped out of the lane after one in the morning. A white car had gotten onto the freeway after it had been closed because of the protests driving South. It ran right into two people. It was a terrible thank you. Witness, according to the Washington State Patrol, the driver of the car that drove away from the scene before being stopped near Edgar Martinez drive South. One victim, a 24 year old woman from Seattle is in critical condition and a 32 year old Bellingham woman is in serious condition. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is reacting to the horrific protester incident, she says Our city stands beside the victim's friends, families and loved ones and praying for these women and all who were there who witnessed the event. A

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