Messi Mulls Barcelona Exit



We start with news that could rock the football world to its very core Spanish network got an essay reporting that Lionel Messi is ready to leave Barcelona. He is called off. Negotiations over his contract are more socio ends reporting that Messi is angry at the Barcelona office over leaked media reports, Moore said Lo and Frank leboeuf join US sid. Is this for real is Lionel Messi now really going to leave Barcelona and what is it the root of this? One This is something that needs to be kind of explained, contextualized and unpacked now. Is this for real in the sense? That is Leo Messi unhappy. Has He opposed to conversations? Over new contract and put stop to that for the time being and is absolutely furious with the way that boss on is being run. Yes, is thirty four next summer. Yes, is that true point at which he would be contemplating? WHY NEXT MOVE WOULD BE? Yes, but the context is really really important. Here is Leeann saying I will leave. This is little messy saying. I won't read this deal now. I want renew this deal with this board of directors. At least not for the moment. I want to be convinced that we're going to buy the right players that were going to build a squad in the right way. The club is going to be settled and by the way next summer are presidential elections I think what? Is doing more than anything else is obviously keeping his own personal options open in terms of what he decides how he feels about himself in the time by the else, he's actually saying to somebody tomato, the president with whom the relationship isn't good. He saying I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of the photograph of my renewal on not going to give you the chance to go into presidential elections unless you convince me Hawaii's. Being able to say to people, I'm the one that's guaranteed Leonel. macy's continuity so I think you cannot. Divorce this. Of News from the context and the context is his age, the fighters that club and the fattest presidential elections next summer now in a way, the ideal scenario for Mexico's is that he renews with a new president who he does trust in Maxima so this doesn't mean he's going what it does mean is able to leverage the possibility of going to try and change things at Celona Frank. How often have we asked the question? How good word Barcelona be without Messi? Can you imagine it? Do you think they'd still be able to compete with around Madrid? Do you think they'd still be a top team? In the world? Is They are now? That's a question that maybe we can ensure soon if Loan. Goes and finds. Another club. It's hard I. Mean of course one of the most entertaining player that we have seen and and Wiz Rinaldo finding for more than decayed to know with the best entertainer, and not be the best player because the sort of another question that do we have to insert the best entertainer for more than educated in the world. I had I don't like the political aspect. Of what see just explained, but. I want to see the good thing about you know. Boscell best on being able to turn a new page of their history without Missy, sooner or later is going to happen, because maybe He's walnuts. At some point it's going to give up is going to retire, and they will have to do so without him, so of course they will, it will take time It's awfully not like. Was All big players leaving and. Not being able to come back to the best, but bustle now would have to think about the new future without loud and missy is going to be be curb. He's GonNa be a big turn, but I'm sure they're going to be able with a young player that they have the equanimity how to find a new genius, and and we'll see

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