How do we fix hockey culture without burning it down? - burst 5



Not lose their careers I. Think it's has come from sponsors. I think it has to come from government I. Think if you hit their pocket box and and you know the NHL said they're gonNA create. A hotline will ran by WHO. The same people when players started speaking out. Ex players on those coaches. NHLPA put something out Tony Players not talk. When their own union is telling them not to speak them, what happens the whole? There needs to be an overhaul and there needs to be a third party group that comes in and oversees the stuff. My last question for you. I guess because Much like every time we do this. It seems like we could. We could talk about how much it needs to change forever, but you've given us some some concrete practices. What do you say and I know I? Know from talking to you that you have this conversation a lot for a maybe a parent of a young hockey player who's listening to this or even young hockey player themselves who's dealt with this or is dealing with it now? What can they do? What should they do to to hopefully protect themselves without You know making it worse for themselves or blow in their chance. I think first and foremost Find people you can confide in. And Talk to people like myself who will take it above and beyond I'm always billable kid. And I have kids reach out daily

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