How will Tom Brady fair behind the Bucs offensive line? - burst 07


Matter of fact, there was pictures of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski put out in the new uniforms as well. The future uniforms and I'll tell you what they look Fan Charles Start. Why is it that I bring up Mike Evans and all you can talk? Talk about it's time because we had talked about all this. The last time were recorded this podcast and we forgot about what we talked about so we're trying to I'm trying to bring it all back up. Because in the Mike Evans came out today. The picture Hilmo. It hadn't Sunday when we did this. We talked about Tom Brady Rob. Gronkowski absolutely time no. but yes, they look fantastic, and some people are getting their pewter jerseys in already apparently. You said Molly. I haven't seen I. Think. I've seen a couple but We're still waiting for ours, but anyhow pat. McCaffrey reacted to the I. Look at Tom Brady, and the new buccaneers uniform, and you gotta listen. This is fantastic. Let's take a look. Tom Brady in. Tampa Bay uniform. All my on. Are you kidding? How does handsome get better luck in? South!

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