If America Is So Racist, Why Do People FAKE Hate Crimes?! | 06/24/20 - burst 33


Of thirty rock well. Is as the. Right? Yeah, she wrote the shows. She wrote them well. The black face into it in the first place. Apparently for shows including two shows in one season in black face. I. How is that how you survived? But when did she write those episodes? But again. I'm with you I'm with you on. The comedy is you know we were being held responsible for things that were funny forty years ago and we're saying well. They're not funny now and we're going to hold those people responsible to today's standards. I don't agree with that however. These were few years back to you. Though yeah, like these are your rules. Yes, they are. and. These were fairly recent. I mean it's not like thirty rock was thirty years ago. It was seven years ago when it stopped right. Six seven years ago. And Tina Fey is one of their. She's one of those golden children. The laugh you stir as A So, what are you doing? Writing Black face episodes? If that's so wrong, if if Megan Kelly can be

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