AWTR Show #741: Encouraged By Our Pillars


Connections, news and empowering military life information here. Are Your Awt our hosts your Army Wife Network Command team. Hello Army Wipe met word. This. Is Amber Peterson social media coordinator. I have been kind of I a recently because we did. JUST PC s back from south. Korea, and then my husband was transitioning back into civilian life. And now he is transitioning back into army life, waiting to go to one officer school so. been a little crazy, the Peterson household, but it starting to calm down, and so I am excited to start getting my face, and unfortunately my voice back onto the army wife network. Page if you're like me if you hear your voice, you Kinda, WanNa cut your ears off so. Hopefully, we can get through this without me wanting to. Log Out so. Today I am here to talk to. You guys a little bit about. How army networks, pillars have impacted me and why they're so important to the military community. Before I jump into that a little background on myself I was born and raised in southeast. Kansas. a very small community with no stop lights, and the town very close knit. Shout out to colony Kansas. Then I went to college coach at K. State. And when I was going to College Casey, I met my husband. He was stationed at Fort Riley. and. We have been married for three years now. And we. Have a two year old daughter serenity. She was born in South, Korea. And I hope one day that she can go back and see South Korea. What we experience with her first nineteen years of her life, we are currently in Tulsa Oklahoma and like I said earlier waiting to go to warrant officer school so eventually. We're going to be in Alabama. Just a little bit about me. I see Cerita said something about our shirts. We have are awesome army, wife network shirts I love it and I'm very thankful for the shirt. Be Able to represent army, wise network for some people who may not have ever seen or haven't realized what some of the words that use on army wife network are we have four pillars? The foundation of which Army Wife Network stands on. And those four pillars are engage. Educate encourage in empower. They kind of overlap each other which makes sense because you wouldn't want them to be just specifically by themselves with each specific one, they all impact, army, wife and male spouse life specifically. So to start off with engage. Y is engagement. In court. In the army, wife or mill spouse community, there's not really a simple answer for that because everyone is going to be different, but why? It's so important to me. Is I had a nine month stretch where my husband was in fantasy. I've had week stretches of him being in the field. And sometimes know it's just me. So after serenity goes to sleep. I'm just sitting there and I have nothing left to do. That's where the engagement part comes in. There's so many different things through army wife network. That we provide aid to have engagement on so every day we have a picture posted. He's either going to be an encouraging quotes or funny means or possibly even any. Post where we ask you a question and we want to hear your input. And so in those times where I need something to fill the gap. Then Army Wife Network has always been there to provide that for me whether it's going to army wife networks page specifically using control f. on the blogs and finding a blog that is specific to what I'm going through at the time so I'm lonely type in I'm lonely. Boom a whole bunch of Bob Post. Pop Up. I. Read Them. I get it I understand. It's not just me you know. Other people have been in the same situation. These are some things that they've done to get through it and it's GonNa be okay. And so when you engage with each other. Through you know hey, what's your favorite pcs tip? On our page, and then we have mill spouses comedy. When you come time to pcs like Oh. My goodness I saw that Sereda had. Her favorite is this and I saw that Caroline had commented base. And so then it will make things smoother for you and it just kinda sticks in your brain that I mentioned earlier that I went to college at KC. And while I was there. My Major was. I feel like that's why my favorite pillar for army wide network is going to educate and. My favorite quote. From my time in education would be if we don't teach history spend it repeats itself with educating other mills spouses about things that we've gone through specifically. For that we know may happen. Then, it's going to make their life easier, so we have our post with the most blog post, and so if you know that you're going to be moving somewhere and you know nothing about the area, we have a whole file of different blogs about different posts. So say you're coming to Fort Riley and you're like what's even in the area. What kind of schools do they have available excetera? It's all in there. And then again with the PCS tips, you know if we can make your. Transition smoother than we definitely want to do that by in order to do that, we also eat engagement. That's where they overlap so. US As the command team. We have to engage you to give you tips, but we also need your engagement back to help us. Other mill spouses, and so that's another really cool aspect of army. Wife Network is that we are coming together to encourage each other, which just happens to be our third pillar encouragement. So when we think of encouragement support, it's having each other's back. What another reason why? That's so important is because if you look at your spouse page four your area. People might just say Oh. Hey, it's full of drama like not interested in it, so they don't get involved with it. They don't have it on their page so then they might not have a way to communicate with. Other male spouses are army spouses, four army wife network. We are all about encouraging encouragement. We want to make sure that other military spouses other army wife spouses. Other army moms their armies. Dad's any military affiliated person knows that they can come to our page. They can come. To. Any of our social media and they're going to find encouraging information encouraging posts because with so much going on in the world right now. Just to have that little spark of encouragement that little. Hey! Girl! Hey Guy. We see you out there. We see what you're going through. We support you. We have your back. Don't give up. We're GONNA, get through this. and. That kind of overlaps with our empower. We are in courage. Ing You to empower you our final pillar. We want to empower you. In power to give someone strength to give someone, authority or power. We want to give you the authority or the power. To get through whatever you're going through to. Know. That hey, we might be having a hard time right now. My friend lives. She's pregnant. Her husband is about to deploy A..

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