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Rajeev Ram on winning the 2020 Australian Open


Right welcomes tennis. Dot Com podcast. I'm one of your enough pantic joined in this episode by Irena Falconi my co host. Hey guys how's it going and our special guests regime rammer GPS? Thank you for joining us. Your happy to be here all right. Let's get started with one of our favorite questions these days. What is your Corentin life like? Where are you what the days look like? Yeah it's pretty It's pretty different. I must say from coming from someone who's played tennis as you guys know for a long time You should travelling weekly to be sitting in one place for a couple of months is a bit strange but Lucky to be northern California where the weather's really nice so I tried to get outside most days doing something You know four or five days a week of different fitness stuff in. Yeah even other days bike rides walks in whatever it may be just know. Be Outside as much as they can. Because it's it's nice to do that but it's definitely definitely different is California your home base. Has it been for awhile? I'm from Indianapolis. Which is Roy? Spend wife Attendant we also have a house in northern California parents. Both parents living in Indiana. Still so we go there bit but we spend a Lotta time here. And sort of yeah. The corn teams are basically started the day before it supposedly printed whilst which was We're out here as repack. They're actually still pack funding nuts and then this whole thing started so we've been here since then. I thought you were on the ATP council before rigid. I know I just wanted to know if maybe you have some intelligent to win. Things might come back or which tournaments are GONNA be cancelled next or any kind of inside info. No not really I. I basically here things when everybody else here on we get you know mass emails saying you know towards cancel up until this date and the last one I think was just the cancellation of mold in the whole grasscourt season and all that I learned about the French Open moving date on social media which maybe is what most people learn about it on. I have no idea but now to be honest It's just You know we kind of for me. Just wait to see when the next message comes to see a dip point. You know how much longer the tour officially cancelled. But I think everyone was feeling like kids. You know it's going to be hard to to play even in the middle of July at this point. Have you been hitting like at all? I know I've spoken to a few players and some of the top ten girls and they just haven't hit a ball since you know this whole thing started and I'm just curious you know. Have you even like done fitness cover? You like keeping in shape yeah. Tennis is obviously tough. Haven't played too much There's a there's one guy with private court. That yachting no from suppose to be doing it or not but they are the couple of times have been up to hit some balls but that fitness I Have a few things at home like I said. The weather is really nice room in the in the back of the House here that you know I can do some things. So it's been a bit Makeshift let's say I have a trainer that I got to know before this started. She actually has some equipment of our own so like we have a deal that we do where she actually brings it over some of the days I clean it a use. It bring it back to her car. She likes days six feet away from me. The whole time like tells me to do. Yoga gives runs with your program. Bring BACK TO HER CAR. She cleans it put it back puts it back in the car and we go from there I'm not even sure you know we try to be a safe as possible. But that's really it for all that you know I have a bike here. That like a like a an actual bike. That has never gotten more use to try to be on a couple times a week. You know riding around but yeah. That's pretty much it. I feel like you know a lot of the other restrictions are gonNA loosen up well before we start playing tennis again. So I'm not really worried about. I think we'll have plenty of time to practice and all that for Beating again I was actually talking with Jamie about this Yesterday about how many different things are going to change? Once we go back on court. Because I'm sure you've heard that there's actual like tournament play. That's happening here in Saddlebrook. There's an event I thing happening in California in Germany. There's a few spots that are conducting almost like a tennis experiment and You know one of the things that she told me was that the ball's actually have initials on them. And only you can only use the balls and you can only serve with the that. Have your initials on them? And we were discussing. You know when we actually get back on tour you know. Is there going to be a air? Hi Five like are you gonNA shake hands like? Is there gonNA be any interaction whatsoever like when it's new balls? How are you going to get those balls like the him yourself? Like there's just GonNa be so many different changes. Yeah I think that's in every walk of life to the honest. It's not just tennis. I mean like maybe. It's going to become normal for people to wear masks in grocery stores. They have even the slightest bit of a cold or cough or something like batter having meetings this instead of actually having meetings when in person. I don't know I think there's GonNa be a ton of things that are to become way more normal than ever were before and yeah in our sport where you're going to have a lot of that. I think the reality of it has not thinking at all sunk in at all for me. Just can't believe that this is happening. Even though it's been over six weeks at this point but specially for you had some momentum crazy momentum going before all this you want me. Austrailia your first. Men's doubles title with Joe. You're up career number five in doubles. I mean things are going swimmingly Say what was your start at. Twenty twenty like did you. Did you feel different going into this? John Open because I know you would up instagram caption saying something like fifty eight time is the charm else going for you. Differently is in Melbourne. Well I I actually didn't even know that so apparently fifty Grand Slam which is a record if you WANNA call it that before would actually win one. But I mean that's a little bit different because I've played a lot of the majors in doubles while it was still focusing on singles. I didn't really felt like it in those times. I was necessarily contender to win. One was just sort of playing because my ranking was high enough to get in but I was not. I wasn't good enough just to win it because I need to actually work on you know. Focus on doubles practicing. Better of a wanted to contend only started doing that last three years I would say but I really felt like we were in the situation in position to compete. Compete for Major. Rarely probably at the US Open last year. I felt like our level of gotten to the point where we're playing good matches time and time again At a level that I felt like was was some of the best in the world so I felt like we really turned the corner. You know last fall in meeting. We had a good season altogether. But really at the back. Half of last year's felt like to play. You know that a slightly higher level so I'm not gonNA say I was. You know I was expecting to win yesterday open but I guess I wasn't surprised so much because I felt like we were that we were at that point for a little while. Now you know

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