#461 - Christian YouTuber vs. David C. Smalley



Y. You can just go right to his side and by the Beach. You can email them. You could talk to. You could tell them what you're looking for. He's an incredibly talented musician. And that stuff gets me ready to do a show and you might be freaking out. Wait a minute it didn't say dogma. Debate Oh my God. It didn't say Dogma of what's happening it's the same show shut up Here's what's happening. I just you know I started realizing as much as I love talking with believers in as much as I've built my life around it and continue to do it Started looking back at the show and I'm going about one in three of my episodes is an actual debate and the other times. We're covering topics and a lot of time with a psychic and it's a debate or it's a crystal healer right or someone who believes they can move things with their mind that one I would love to still have as a guest but it's definitely out there. I don't want to limit people to say you must be a Christian. Who WANTS TO DEBATE ATHEIST? If you WANNA come on this show that's number one. Number two is a lot of advertisers. Didn't want to get involved because they thought it was just as hateful eighth theus talking down about the Bible which is not at all what my shows about so I feel like just focusing on who I am as a person and continuing on with the same show everybody has loved for ten years is what I'm going to be doing so it. It just broadens the scope and allows more people to come to the table Who's already coming because sometimes Ken Shamrock for example? Ufc fighter. You have see legend. Wwe Legend hears about my show. And why would I get into a formal debate with? I don't do that. Yeah but if you have an idea of your tweeting about Bill Gates and corona virus and evolution. You're the guy want to talk to and I don't want people to be intimidated thinking they have to come to the table. You know bare knuckles. Up by the way dollar became DOT COM That's shamrocks a new organization We don't have to. We don't have to go at it like that. I am when I watch CNN when I WATCH MSNBC IF. I watched Fox News as long as I can stand it. I just see one pattern among all three of them. And it's just talking heads forty-one seconds yelling over each other We've reached a point. Now where where wearing a mask is now a political statement if your child has some sort of autoimmune disorder in you. Don't want to expose them to someone who were a mask that's now a vote for Biden and if you happen to go for a run and think I'm not going to be around any people. I just want to run around the block and I don't WanNa have trouble breathing so I'm not gonNA wear mask. You're now a trump supporter. I saw a tweet that said not wearing a mask is the new. Maga- hat funny. But at the end of the day we don't need politicize and break everything into black or white thinking and that's why it says in this intro we are resurrecting nuance and bringing back the art of conversation. Because if you listen to this show you know that we always start with love. The WHO I have on my show for the most part think that I am a victim of bad ideas and I think that they are a victim of bad ideas so we are trying to rescue each other. What you're hearing is a mutual rescue mission which means we both start from a position of love. So why can't we have that conversation? That's really what this show is about. So yeah we're going to be debating dogma. We're starting the show saying here's David C smalley. Who knows what the Hell's going to happen. Once the microphones are on you guys know. Don't edit this stuff so with that in mind I want to introduce my guest. I was talking to him before the show. He told me a brief intro of himself because he went to David see small dot com clicked on be a guest filled out the info. I'm actually going to read some of that Info to you. Because he he cl he did everything Right almost there's one thing he got wrong and we'll get into that he did everything right to get on the show because he just did it. I guess a week or two ago and maybe three and already got on the show But I but before we do that please join me in welcoming guest. Rob Camping narrow. Welcome to the show. But that's the biggest ovation. I've ever gone my life. So we'll they like so before I get into reading your submission that you did online. So by the way You answer every question. What I looked for when I'm when I'm picking a guest this is these are the these are the answers so I'm GonNa give people the key you want to be a guest on this show answered this way. There's only one that you got wrong. You said that you thought the Earth was fearful and that that's the only thing that was roy. Every everything else you know what I'm getting at is typically like to disagree with people on every aspect of their answers and that's the only one I agree with you on but So what do you? What do you make the whole flatter through movement man just curious sidebar here? Yeah I mean it's it's it's it's a Colt is is what it is your Bible. They say that the Bible supports their their view. What do you? What do you say to that? Yeah but it's a call I mean there can be a colt in in any Any religion can be a cold. The there's cult. There's there is cultish within Christianity. You have mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses you have I would call the KGB only movement A cold you know anything anything in which there's there's It's one small group of people that have a the dogmatic about one thing that that that's a call okay in my definition. Okay so tell everybody how you found out about the show were I guess. Tell me since they can't hear you at the moment. What's the what's the background for? How you actually found me. I was on A. I'm sure you've heard of.

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