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Board of governors met Friday


Card apple plenty questions still remain but the NBA seems to be on track for a return with a reported target date of July thirty first everything at one site the Disney complex in Orlando Florida board of governors met Friday nothing concrete is the key to discuss how many teams of resume the season what what how many games before heading into the postseason brings us to the idea was the upper hand read you reach the playoffs former Suns GM Ryan McDonough a guest of the J. R. sports brief right here on CBS sports radio he gave his thoughts on the subject the thing we don't know J. R. M. will be impossible to know until the games are not for Landau who's in shape who who who used the time off that this thing and say forget better shaper heal nagging injuries and you got out of shape because they they thought there was going to be a season there will be some of that unfortunately but before we see the guys play in an NBA game it's impossible to know which teams if they prepared and which teams may let go of the rope over the extended break on the board of governors will meet again on Thursday and they are expected to pass the proposal put forth by commissioner Adam silver he was still waiting on the full details in the NHL but we do know when they resume will have a twenty fourteen playoff format undersecretaries arc he expects it to be a lot of fun once they get going I think it's going to be a real test for twenty fourteen I think it's gonna be intriguing as a player I hopefully it's treating for the fans of those sports people so hopefully we get back to playing get our lives back to normal we got everybody want you want power five conferences NC double a looking to Congress for some help with federal rule of legislation when it comes to compensating players meanwhile the NC double a also sent out a detailed plan to their schools are bringing in athletes back to campus football players expected back on June eighth NFL the Browns looking for me some

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