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Maybe that says something about you know


While there are people acting stupid it's not the vast majority of people actually out there being peaceful so maybe that says something about you know people are like yourself in your twenties and thirties that like they realize you know we went on going turned burn stuff down we want we want real change as time and what a lot of white folks out there what types of conversation are you having with your friends I have no friends yes I'm I'm here with you right now so I don't like the other people and yeah generally we try to be generally by the time I'm done talking about this I'm done talking about it I cannot get a hold of my wife looking on Facebook with your kids and they're posting stuff on that take care and shut up one caller Karen out strategies and she's like I'm totally Karen and I want to speak to the manager Karen I can color cairns it it's infuriating even more so and now my kids are like me because they're like okay we can twist the knife a little bit and

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