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Us that we did not need to wear masks for exactly so let's go back to the evolution because there is still so much confusion and heated emotion about this issue historically there has never been a recommendation by the CDC that masks or protective for the person wearing them in a non health care setting so back in January and February as the CDC was saying as our Surgeon General is saying and I echoed it there was no evidence to recommend that masks for the general public would protect the person wearing it so what changed April third the CDC reversed their policy which was really surprising to a lot of people and recommended face coverings for the general public because of new evidence that the corona virus can be spread by a symptomatic people so the principal has not changed the principal is still that the person wearing the mask could be sick or infected and so wearing a mask protects you if I'm wearing it we don't yet have any information that it protects the person wearing it it may right and in science we always reassess and re learn and we have the ability to adapt and pivot and say guess what we learn something new now we're changing but there's still so much confusion about so much confusion it's it's fair to say a lot of people believe by putting on the mask they're protecting themselves and that's understandable but again it now fifteen states have made face coverings are masks mandatory and we time will tell whether it protects the person wearing it but it does appear that it slows the transmission or the spread of this virus should we expect an uptick in positive cases following the large protests well that's obviously the concern in me I mean we're talking about at baseline a population of black and brown people that have been known to be hit disproportionately hard by this virus and this disease we also know that thirty five to forty percent of people infected can show no symptoms at all and with close contact prolonged contact loud yelling singing talking there is obviously a ripe environment for transmission of this virus so members of the latency period fourteen day incubation adverse symptoms occur on day five so that's when we'll be hopefully you know not seeing cases but that's the time period we need to look out for we will be watching for that next question as so many businesses reopen can ventilation systems in stores filter the virus well that's an interesting question it depends right because we know that for example the heap of filters on a lot of commercial airplanes filter ninety nine percent of particles above a certain size so it is possible that certain commercial environments and H. fax systems can have similar heap of filters in place but right now are they ready to go maybe not they also are expensive and we haven't studied this yet so again theoretically sure it's possible but we don't have the hard data yet all right more questions about our new normal this one as restaurants reopened what safety measures should staff observe if face to face with customers I like this question because it refocuses on the restaurant workers who are vulnerable right they have prolonged contact it goes back to those four important elements time of exposure fifteen minutes is thought to increase risk please are you indoors or outdoors outdoor ventilation by to be much safer much lower risk than indoor where there is poor ventilation how many people with the density of people in that area most restaurants in prior days were densely packed and how much space is between that food worker a restaurant worker and their customers again the more space apart the better it's hard to take an order from six or more feet away but that face covering gloves all of those things will help and then how accurate are the reports out of Italy that corona virus is losing its potency this headline got a lot of attention and this was a perfect example of the date it was not there yet first of all in this short period of time viruses don't lose their potency Italy numbers and case counts are trending down in part because of their aggressive social distancing and lockdown measures which were appropriate after their huge numbers of cases and deaths but this study which was not yet peer reviewed and not yet published in peer reviewed journal or state

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