Interview With Mayor John Gates On Partial Reopening


Com by really mayor John Gates Mayor Gates welcome back to the show. Good to be with you good morning to you. I certainly appreciate your taking the time and there's a lot going on. As Greeley of course, as other cities across the state, indeed across the nation, enjoying a return to some semblance of normalcy. Tell us what that looks like. Well you're right. There is some sense normalcy the fact that where we get the restaurants back open. At least to an extent, you know pretty pretty well, said all along that the two entities that have really suffered from the Kobe closures are restaurants and churches. And the church is still are suffering, unfortunately, due to the fifty person rule, but My wife and I've been out several times since we've been able to sit down and Dine I. Guess It's the small things you appreciate because that surely has been nice. It's kind of fascinating when you think about it because we were talking about this just last week, the fact that going out to a restaurant is like. Taking a world cruise or taking a trip to the moon. Again it is a return to the small things that makes such a difference in in our lives. If there's any good, take away from all this. Maybe that's that. Makes, you appreciate the small things never did. I think I would miss. so much being able to go, sit down, have a cup of coffee with somebody or better yet a meal and while we certainly a lot of carry out. It's not the same as going to sit in a restaurant and catching up on the day and getting warm food versus the. Wolf lukewarm food when the carry out outcome, so that's where they've been great and. I were phone boxes here. Exactly, the Styrofoam box and we're starting to get things open back up the city to the degree that we can which is good. There's a slow rollout occurring today with our fixed up transit buses We're opening municipal court backup today. we've got some Other departments opening drive through or by appointment only so slowly, but surely not quite yet on the cool. The REC centers part of the problem with the pool. and. Even the REC centers is that we've got that fifty person maximum. And we talked a great wink at our city council meeting last night about specifically centennial pool and the to dilemmas. We have one is that we saw that is that at the beginning of this laid off all her stuff seasonal swig. We can obviously get some of them back. To run the pool, but our parks and REC. Director colors that we get. During Summer Day especially these that have been so warm three to four hundred kids centennial pool every day, so if we can only it fifty. That's problematic so while I understand the reason for that in an area that says large as as much square footage of centennial pool. I hope the governor loosens that fairly soon to allow us to adapt at number to a more appropriate number which folks we might be having using them so. Now. We're looking forward to. If I'm not mistaken here under this amended safer at home order, a swimming pools again allowed to reopen. Once those draft guidelines are improved. Final draft of those guidelines will be available on Thursday. Is that what you're hearing is absolutely what I'm hearing. Yeah, so. we're. We're kind of sitting at the ready waiting for some of those. Things to happen I've been A number of local pastors have reached out to me and we feel for them from the standpoint that I spoke to a pastor yesterday. WHO said you know I have eight hundred people in my congregation and I can easily socially distance and keep everybody safe by allowing four hundred in, but the current rules only allow fifty, so they're looking at some things like outside and. And they're really getting the short end right now at a time when people may be more than ever need to services of their church and their pastor, so we're. We're getting there. probably not as quite as quickly as I'd like. We are starting to make some open or Kobe. Numbers really leveled out that we're really happy about that. And what about Jay BS? Swift the meat processing plant in Greeley. What are you hearing about that up? Not very much they're not, they're not yet at full capacity of I'm hearing they've not had any deaths and knock on wood in a couple of weeks. I don't know to what degree they have employs out sick, but. It was certainly tragic. Losing the workers they did and I hope everybody's. Certainly getting better and have not heard anything to the contrary. Now back to restaurants, and again we've talked about this to a great extent, because our return to daily life and living space to lot upon our confidence level, so I'm curious as you've been eating out at restaurants. Are you seen? folks coming to restaurants and being comfortable enjoying the opportunity to just get out and dine again. I I absolutely have The restaurants that that I've been to certainly the restaurants who are following the rules doing everything right there, socially distancing their staffs. Geared up with the appropriate PP HE I. Know People personally and I've seen some commentary from others that said. There's just no way we're ready to go out right now and that that's totally fine. It's the person ought to be able to make some personal choices in life, and for those that aren't comfortable going out that's certainly a decision that they or their families should make I my family is comfortable, going out while adhering to. safety guidelines, but they've not been packed. Of course. The law would know rats that the restaurants that I've been to have certainly had decent amount of people and The restaurant tours is really doing a great job complying with. What they've been asked to comply with so very pleased at this point. What about expansion not only patio dining. Using additional space around restaurants if it indeed is available that seems to be a point of some conversation and debate. It does end up. Council fully supports. A business whether they're downtown or another parts of Greeley the opportunity to expand their turning footprint. It's a what easier for them to do. Downtown because the city owns the real estate Some of the restaurants that aren't downtown are going to have to seek permission from whoever owns the property to expand out, but that doesn't fact gives them the opportunity. To seat more, we've been working closely with the downtown restaurant tours to expand their footprint which would involve alcohol service and be able to get more customers. Be Able to make Starts get back on our feet again financially. And there's. An ordinance pending that would allow the areas on the ninth street plazas to be open container areas. Temporary so. Something I think the council doesn't WANNA do year round Norwood, the restaurant tours in the middle of winter want people to be sitting outside, but it is perhaps not an opportunity for the period from about now until Labor.

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